Why? They cost extra.
Why? They cost extra. DIY13/GETTY IMAGES

A $12 million Belltown back-up home: It's a two-story downtown penthouse condo with sweeping views and a cozy proximity to the Space Needle. The name of the buyers isn't public but, according to the Seattle Times, they're in the tech industry and the condo—reminder, a $12 million condo!!!—will mostly be used to entertain. It's the priciest condo sale in the region.

Welp, this story is about to blow up nationally: Earlier this week, a deputy in Kittitas was shot and killed during a road rage incident. New reports show that the suspect, who also died during the altercation, was a Mexican citizen in the United States illegally. His visa had expired.

King County Jails are still throwing incarcerated youth in solitary confinement: Even though there's a law that forbids it. A report from January—that for some reason no one has talked about—details these practices; how kids are thrown into solitary for seemingly no reason and for long swaths of time, how they are mistreated and aren't educated, and how they aren't prepared to transfer from the youth jail to adult facilities on their 18th birthdays. It's harrowing.

Daycare blues in Seattle: Over the past five years, demand for childcare has grown extensively in Seattle. According to the place for childcare news, a website called "Local Babysitter," non-chain daycare centers in Seattle have waitlists that are two years long. If you're going to be popping out a baby anytime soon, scrawl your name on a waitlist. The demand for childcare keeps growing and many childcare workers, typically low-wage workers, are getting priced out of the city.

Put your shorts away: For now.

Rob Johnson is out of the game: The District 4 city council member is resigning early. His last day will be April 5. The Seattle City Council now has to find his replacement.

Boeing flights that crashed were missing two key safety features: Why? Boeing charged extra for them. Investigators still don't know for sure what brought down two Boeing 737 MAX 8s in a span of six months, but they do know the planes were missing some safety features that could've made a difference in the fatal outcomes. From a New York Times report: "One of the optional upgrades, the angle of attack indicator, displays the readings of the two sensors. The other, called a disagree light, is activated if those sensors are at odds with one another." Boeing will make the disagree light a feature on all planes going forward.

Get ready for some floods: The flooding the Midwest experiences at the onset of spring wasn't a one-time thing. Really, it's a sign of what's to come for potentially half the states in the country. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is projecting a “potentially unprecedented” flood season with major flooding that could impact around 13 million people. This is partly due to above average rainfall forecasted for the spring and melting snow.

A bull in a china shop Petco: Sir, you didn't need to do this. Except I am fascinated with how big that animal is. Those horns could really do a number on someone, huh.

Emilia Clarke suffered multiple aneurysms: The Game of Thrones actress penned a personal essay in the New Yorker about two aneurysms she suffered in the midst of filming the earlier seasons of Game of Thrones. She underwent multiple brain surgeries and an intense recovery. You can read her whole essay here. Or, if you're like me and just cancelled your New Yorker subscription after coming to terms with the fact that you'll never actually get around to reading the physical magazines, then you can read this ABC article.

Facebook has been storing passwords in plain text: Chances are your password wasn't super protected by Facebook. A new report found that hundreds of millions of passwords were stored in plain text and were easily accessed by Facebook employees. The exact number of users impacted isn't known nor is the date this started—it stretches at least as far back to 2012.

Tattooist named Dr. Evil jailed for causing grievous bodily harm with intent: Dr. Evil, a British tattooist, was charged after carrying out multiple nipple and ear removals. I brought this up in the office and someone asked which you would rather have removed. Nipple. Absolutely nipple. That's a no-brainer.