Please Accept My Apology



Damn you were Jussie Smollett before Jussie was Jussie Smollett.


It’s like Chris Rock said, do you know who really hates black people? Black people!

Same goes for women.


Laura Numeroff is a wonderful and talented writer with an amazingly kind spirit, please don't drag her into your crime spree.


@4 I can never leave The Stranger because then who would torment GermanSausage?


Yeah I read all 4500 words. It was supposedly about your pet peeve, Call Out Culture, and when or if it should be deployed, but honestly it read like a hit piece based on a bunch of unsubstantiated, “well I heard she and some of her co-workers got into a beef at a work party and she wrote some snotty emails! AND THEN PRETENDED SHE DIDN’T WRITE THEM11!11!!!” foolishness.
Honestly Duca’s ex co-workers just came off as jealous of her success, and Merlan’s “Duca didn’t respond to my requests for comments EVEN THOUGH I COULD TELL SHE READ MY EMAILS TO HER SEVERAL TIMES” was weird and creepy.


@4: You don't have a shot dude; she's gay.


@5 -- well, pretty much everyone

@7 -- which I don't think is Fair


@5 -- @8 does NOT give you Permission.


" drunk at an office party, got into a tiff with a coworker who unfollowed her on Twitter, and later emailed the Huffington Post shit-talking that very same woman"

Over 4,500 words in the Jezebel article and no mention what the argument with the coworker was over. Maybe that coworker is a reprehensible asshole? Not an appropriate response, but when do drunk 20-somethings respond appropriately?

Then again, did Duca actually notice an individual unfollowed her or did that person say so? If it's the former, that's crazy person shit.

The good news is, none of this matters.


@11: Uh huh.


@7 aaand?


I've been meaning to sign up just to say this.
Katy, you are such a breath of fresh air. I really don't think you will be around these parts for too long since I'm sure you will move on to bigger and better.
I've been a Stranger "fan" since I moved here in the mid 90's. You are keeping the subversive ways of the papers mission alive. You are one of the few who dares question the status quo.
I know it's very unpopular with the SJW types to rely on logic but that's what you do time after time despite the venom thrown your way. Keep it up.
Call out culture is the lamest manifestation of our current reality yet. They think it's some new enlightened thing. Lol....Keep being you. I dare say you speak for the many.

Liberal Queer dude


Gizmodo has some of the most entertaining and well informed sports writers on the planet working for Deadspin, but I agree the celebrity gossipy aspect of their affiliated sites reporting can be pretty shameful. Hulk Hogan is likely a despicable person on a personal level, though I'd argue that even he didn't deserve to have that sex take made public. Such a line of thinking is frustrating, as it gets me wondering if the pee tape, should it exist (it exists!), should be made public. I guess I'd not have all that much trouble acknowledging some personal hypocrisy in order to see the ensuing shit volcano erupt.


An idiot is someone who doesn’t know very many things. Everyone, upon coming intro the world, is by definition an idiot. Therefore, we excuse the young for acting like idiots in ways we do not forgive those who commit the same acts at a later age.

At least, that’s how it used to work. Thankfully, my college years at Evergreen happened before cell phone cameras. I’m sure a few trustafarians had video recorders and probably took some embarassing footage, but there was no instagram to post it on, so I’m probably safe. I hope, anyway.

My decision to attend my graduation ceremony in a tattered, and moldy bathrobe with ratty bunny slippers and a mug of coffee may have been photographed, however. In my defense, they held the ceremony very early in the daytime-at noon, for fuck’s sake. The hangover was awful, too.

As for my pre-college years, well... I usually cringe whenever I see people from back then who might remember my more obnoxious behaviors. Not that I’m sorry for any of it, I just worry about whether you’re gonna be on the hiring committee when I’m up for a promotion.

Nowadays though, you can’t really just move across the country and hope everyone forgets about you. It’s all on the internet, and a few searches from now, a 20 year old caught on camera behaving like a 20 year old is kinda screwed.

On another note, the Muller investigation is coming to a close. They’re not indicting anyone else. Which isn’t really surprising, I mean,Muller is a Republican and he’s not going to imprison the ESD of his own party. When we talk about any other Republican in government, we all take note of how they all move in lockstep, everyone votes for the POTUS’s policies even if they talk bad about him on camera. So why did we think Muller was gonna be any different?

Also, you know who the head of the FBI is? The President. Nothing happens at DOJ that the POTUS doesn’t approve of. The whole deep state thing is just theatre to rile the base and get the opposition to pin hopes on an organization that never represented their interests. Y’allf fell for it, though, so you know, I gotta hand it to him even if I hate him. Well played, you know.

Pelosi wasn’t gonna ITMFA anyway, and you should’ve seen that coming. She didn’t ITMFA Bush when everyone asked her too, either, and that was when we controlled both houses. Notice a pattern yet? Or do you still think she’s playing 14 dimensional chess? It’s excusable if you’re too young to know any better. If you were an adult in the Bush years and you still pinned your hopes on Pelosi and Muller, you’re just an idiot.

Wha is happening though is the DCCC has officially stated it intends to blacklist anyone primarying an establishment candidate, in an effort to prevent anyone from pulling an AOC again. That’s because real change doesn’t come from inside the establishment. And the establishment wants to make sure you don’t change shit.


@13: Aaaand you don't have a shot either?


@5 and @14 for the win!
As I've written before, thank you K Herzog for your articles!
Your younger years were more badass than mine!



Aaaand they seem like that type who would think they can straighten her out.


@17: I'm sure there's some wistful daydreaming. :)
@18: Well when Katie moves up to the big leagues to become the Fox News answer to Rachel Maddow the Stranger will have to find someone somewhere to stir the pot and fluff the tightie righties like Old Dave.


@17 oddly protective


Katie I fucking love you. That is all



Well so do I

So there.


(I’m a bit surprised she didn’t call herself “that super hot and smart feminazi who should probably be a model,” but maybe she ran out of space.)

OMG you're so bad at this


Sorry seatackled! I meant to answer you @20 :)
@22: Just looking out for you. Wouldn't want you to break your heart


Writer writes about writer writing about writer who wrote bad things about other writers, somehow manages to make it all about herself. I didn’t know it was possible to pack that many layers of navel gazing into a single blog post.


I don't understand all the love for Kay Kay (Well, straight guys are obsessed with lesbians, so there's that.) but as long as she leaves Numeroff out of her future ramblings, then I'm ok with her.


Sorry seatackled! I meant to answer you @20 :)
@22: Just looking out for you. Wouldn't want you to break your heart.


Ugh double post. Sorry.


What if she was an overweight fake blonde?


"and used the HOV lane without a passenger"

Have you NO decency?


@Alcohol Gauze: " straight guys are obsessed with lesbians"

Oh please, EVERYONE loves a smart, sensible, funny lesbian.

That said, I do see imagine Katie being right at home in the back of the class with the bad boys smarting off and making each other laugh.


@34 - I've not seen any evidence that Kay Kay is "smart, sensible, or funny." She is a self-professed lesbian so I'll take that as proof for that description.




Duca doesn’t come across just as a fool, but also as a hypocrite, someone who’s created a feminist persona for herself when, in her personal life, she’s guilty of bullying women.

Wow, it isn't often the media grants my wishes. In the interest of equality between the genders - if we are going to call out males for shitty sexual behavior towards others, and general asshole-ish violation of personal boundaries, it is only fair we bring down women for the sin of cruel, psychological warfare and bullying - the weapon of choice for most women.


@36 - Perhaps, you're right. I suppose one could use "smart" to mean that she's good at her profession. She's a very skilled writer. I don't see "sensible" or "funny" at all, though.


Have to love that a post about stupid, immature cat fighting has created a comment thread full of stupid, immature cat fighting.


@39: LOL. We've all seen your claws too kitty cat.


It's a good thing nobody needs to know any actual information about the world we live in, because it frees up professional news writers to devote all their efforts to "reporting" whatever mean gossip has been going around on Twitter this morning.


The "anon person stole my email account and posted all these highly drunken and personal things - that's what they always do with your accounts!" is an hilarious cover story, all other issues aside.


Mr Ddy - Not everyone. Nor do we all like [rhymes with tubes], whatever certain sellouts might claim.