Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Indiana and Democratic candidate for president.
Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana and one of Slog's current faves for president. Alex Wong / Getty Images

With the Mueller report in and Trump unlikely to be impeached, Sloggers have focused in on four Democratic candidates as their favorites to take on the president in 2020. And there are REASONS!

Here's some of what Sloggers said about why they love who they love, for now:

Commenter "neo-realist":

I'm hard for Bernie. Kamala may not be a white male, but what does she have to offer than a lot of enthusiasm? Nothing much in way of a policy agenda unlike Bernie. And a track record of prosecuting parents for their kids truancy and letting Steve Mnuchin's OneWest Bank off the hook for foreclosure violations. That's non-white male change that we can count on:/ .

Bernie's an old white guy, but he's got the best domestic policy agenda for all Americans who aren't wealthy. A social justice white guy who got arrested for protesting against housing discrimination in Chicago in the late 60's and a 100 percent rating from the NAACP.

Commenter "xina":

Kamala Harris. No more old white men.

Commenter "Gitai":

Kamala Harris. Just watching her campaign, she's so sharp. I think a huge amount of being president is being a good manager and she has those skills. I like most of her positions. I want her to steal Booker's baby bonds and Warren's tax policy though.

Commenter "Theodore Gorath":

Andrew Yang told me that he was going to give me $1,000 for free every month and make anime real, so he has my vote.

Commenter "Janell8me":

Mayor Pete! the first time I've ever donated to a presidential run.

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Commenter "lakecitygay":


Have better reasons? Or a better pick? Get in there.