Slog PM: Parking Purists Win War for 35th Avenue, More Issues With These Goddamn Boeing Planes, Betsy DeVos Continues to Be the Devil



Keanu seems like good-hearted soul.
The man knows how to behave, he just doesn't know how to act.


Citizens never appreciate cowardly city departments. As much as they'd hate SDOT for forcing the bike lane in, they'll be hated just as much for being ineffectual. In the meanwhile, we don't have a harmless-to-drivers-and-small-business bike lane that will probably prevent an accident or two per year.


Wow. Pocan ROCKS.
I spose I shouldn't be too surprised. I hear him on the Thom Harmann Program and he sounds both rational and sensible. His Patience and Good Humor made DeVoss look ... scary.

Batty Devos (Blackwater's Erik Prince's sistah) sounds to me like a Robot.
I'm sure she's Not, but I will Not be betting heavily on that anytime soon.

She is, surely, the apparently-wicked face of far, far far right Corporattoxicisity, and all she truly appears to want is putting all The Childrren into Good, Decent! Xtian-indoctrination GOD-Fearing Schools/Profits Centers. Feed 'em gruel, put 'em to Work, now THERE's an Education!

Contrary to recent no-doubt-Liberal Rumor,
there will be NO Organ harvesting


It's a great decision for the neighborhood. It's not that we're against bike lanes anywhere, much less than we hate cyclists as many that were against the bike lans also drive and prefer the parking spaces. So disingenuous to imply that we hated cyclists.

Not everything needs to be distilled down to hate between our citizens.

Good Lord!


Fucking morons. What fucking parking spaces, Phoebe? What parking?

ECB said it best, "Ironically, the new design actually eliminates just as much parking as the bike lane plan."

Put another way, "the new design actually eliminates just as much parking as the bike lane plan."


Fucking morons don't even count parking spaces. All they care about his fucking over bicyclists. Parking? Like they even give a shit. It's exactly the same as Trumpers across America cutting off their own nose out of spite. They're just here to pop opioids and fuck shit up. "It's a great decision" my ass. Eliminates. Just. As. Much. Parking. As. The. Bike. Lane. Phoebe? Anyone home? Are you even there, Phoebe?

We're fighting a zombie army at this point.


Oh, I can beat that I-Can't-Believe-It's-Not-An-Onion-Article sentiment:


"'America can either learn from history or be doomed to repeat it,' Brooks warned."

(Really regretting that the comments section lost all HTML tags, so that I can't format that a bit better.)


I did speak prematurely, I don't have a subscription to the Seattle Times. But I just read other articles.


For kristofarian (@3)
Betsy DeVos Defensive Smiling:


"Speaking of this whole Boeing thing:"

New York Times is All Over It (among others, surely).

Boeing may have pushed Expediency and Profits over Safety.
We'll see, but it currently does Not look good for Boeing.

Looks like we may need a little Gott damn Social Democracy
to keep authoritarian MultiNationalCorps™ on the Up-N-Up
How many Union Guys and Gals are on Boeing's Board of Directors?
I'd settle for Half.



Thanks but not really into Horror.


I think they just put Nikki Haley on the Board.



"Nikki Haley tells Trump to toughen Iran sanctions."

THAT same Nikki?

Boeing: Weapons Manufacturer to the World.
Mind the nosedive


Every time I see that DeVos woman in front of a Congressional committee giving her circuitous non-answers I want to throw a shoe at her. A heavy one. Maybe a steel-toed work boot. Right between the eyes.


Just because someone says put a bike lane there doesn't mean it's a good spot for a bike lane. Sdot said all along it was a bad idea, but Rob Johnson insisted, so it became a thing. Maybe listen to where the city experts say the bike lanes should go.


"This led [Walmart employee Cynthia] Murray, with the help of a worker’s-rights organization called United for Respect, to join in drafting a resolution that she plans to present to Congress on Tuesday -- and, later, at Walmart’s annual shareholders’ meeting -- urging the company to place a significant number of hourly retail employees on its board of directors so that they might have input on major corporate decisions." *

If WalMart can do it, so too can Boeing.
And put some Democracy into the Equation.

If they have a Stake, let 'em have a Say.

*From: "Walmart and the Push to Put Workers on Company Boards" in the New Yorker


Betsy DeVos is a horrible, disgusting human being who should be ashamed of how she views children with special needs but because she is a Republican she is proud of harming them.


I wonder if we've finished paying off the Kingdome yet.


"hide from change"... Perhaps oversimplifying things? Change for changes sake isn't any better than the status quo. Let's have positive change. There were plenty of reasons those bike lanes weren't a good idea for anyone but a small minority of bikers who wished to ride on that street.


I wonder if any Boeing workers who might end up homeless will get the same treatment from our troll gallery.


I used to go to the Wedgwood Alehouse and Grateful Bread Bakery. Never again.


@4 How could one have gotten the impression that certain neighbors hated bicyclists? Was it Wedgwood Broiler putting up a sign against bike lanes on 35th before there was a concrete proposal? Was it when Save 35th tweeted that women never bike? Was it when they said bicyclists should be ignored because they're all techbros? Was it when a middle schooler said he'd like to be able to bike on 35th and an opponent shouted him down and told him he was too young to vote and he should shut up?

It is indeed a mystery.


"suburban Seattleites" !?!?!?!? Since when is that stretch of road in suburbia? It is entirely within the city limits of Seattle. Please go to the library and have a librarian help you read a city map.

Further, why can't the cyclist use side streets? Seriously, why do they need have a dedicated lane on 35th when there are dozens of other options to get from A to B?

Finally, get rid of the "h" in your name. Your mother thought it was cute. It isn't.


@21: Data is not the plural of anecdote.

Please make a note of it!


Cyclists in general:
So, do you want bike lanes?
No! We want share icons!
OK. Share icons.
No. We want bike lanes!

It'll be straight to bed with no dessert.
I raised a two-year-old. No more. No thanks.



I work in healthcare for a provider that insures thousands upon thousands of infants and children. And every single one of them spells their name differently. If this newfangled trend is really gonna get under your craw, you're gonna be one miserable old coot in 10-20 years, if you aren't already (though it kinda sounds like you are.)


@25, You jumped from my request that Nathalie remove the "H" to assuming I hate all names without a scintilla of evidence. Your vapid assumption reminds me of the republican member of congress who believes that green energy means that all cows will be outlawed. Neither of you makes the slightest bit of sense. Perhaps you have been breathing too many exhaust fumes while tailgating Metro buses on your bicycle. Try taking side street as I suggested and then, possibly, you will live long enough to be able to grow into manhood


Allright, well if you're gonna go around insulting people you don't even know about something as petty and arbitrary as the manner in which their name is spelled (an issue over which said person has absolutely no control, save going to the costly, time consuming, and burdensome process of changing it's spelling) then I think the onus is on you to provide some sort of justification for your petty bitterness. I'm all ears.


First you act like a republican member of congress and now you are channeling Ross Perot. Did you realize that earning a first aid merit badge is not the same as working in healthcare? But seriously though, you are apparently laboring under some sort of "save the damsel in distress" fantasy. My fumes theory just keeps getting more likely.



"Data is not the plural of anecdote."

What's the data on the number of parking spaces you "saved", Phoebe? Here's that statistic for you: ZERO. The number is 0.

The plural of that is that this was never about parking. That was always a lie. It's about hating bicyclists. Drivers feel entitled, and the existence of cyclists irritates them, encroaches on their privilege. That's the only thing this is about.

Unless you have some other data you think matters. Zero parking spaces saved is the one that puts the lie to all this posturing. You're losing just as much parking and the only thing you have to celebrate is taking a bike lane away, purely out of spite.