Let us go green, you assholes.
Let us go green, you assholes. HUANGYIFEI/GETTYIMAGES.COM

A Vancouver man is suing the FBI for allegedly stealing six figures: He was on a flight from Portland to Phoenix last April carrying just over $120,000 when the FBI escorted him off the plane and intensely interrogated him about the money. He says they went through his text messages, took the money, and didn’t allow him to reboard the plane. They apparently thought he was a drug dealer because of the suspicious looking briefcase of cash he was carrying, which is understandable but not illegal. What was the money for? According to plaintiff Steven Williams Jr., that’s none of your goddamn business.

Seattle is down with the Green New Deal: According to a national poll of 400,000 people over the age of 18, Seattle had the second highest number of people say they would support politicians based on their environmental positions. We came in just behind San Francisco, but ahead of every other major city. Suck it, Portland. Eat your heart out, Austin. About 30 percent of Seattle voters said they support politicians based on their environmental positions, which is almost twice as high as the average of the 100 largest cities they surveyed. And yet, we couldn’t pass a fucking carbon fee.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shames Republicans for partisan games over climate change: At the same time this was happening, Senator Majority Leader and sentient spiny softshell turtle Mitch McConnell was trying to force Democrats to vote against the Green New Deal in a non-binding resolution. Instead all but four of them voted present, in a political ploy that mostly backfired. While the Senate plays it's games, Mozambique is still reeling from one of the largest natural disasters in its history.

Spanish billionaire buys office building in Seattle for $740 million: Making it one of the largest commercial real estate sales in Seattle's history. Amazon currently occupies the space (of course they do) but it was owned by a development group called Touchstone. It is not yet clear if Amazon will remain there now that Amancio Ortega, a fashion mogul whose company is parent to Zara, owns the building. For a fashion mogul, he really did pick an ugly building to splurge on.

New York City is on the verge of congestion pricing: But that doesn’t mean Seattle will follow their lead. By installing electronic tolls on some of the busiest stretches of Manhattan's roads, NYC would be the first city to implement congestion pricing. Not everyone is exactly thrilled about this because, you know, it involves paying money they didn’t have to before and it’s seen as a tax on the poor. The city says the money will go toward road repairs and modernizing the subway. In Washington, transportation officials think it’s nice NYC is moving forward with these tolls but it doesn’t mean we’ll get them anytime soon.

And we’re back to the grey: I was wrong yesterday, but only because the meteorologists were wrong. I hope we’re wrong again today.

Logan Paul is up to no good again: The Youtube star and human gym towel is being an asshole again. This time he’s made a few friends at the Flat Earth Society and wants to travel to “the edge” of Antarctica to see where the world ends, all the while making a documentary. Let's hope he finds the edge and falls off. It’s not clear whether Paul is just trolling or actually believes this shit, but the fact remains that he is a very influential Youtuber with millions of followers. Hey Logan, two people single-handedly crossed the Antarctic this past winter so why don’t you ask them what the edge looked like?

Boeing’s worst fears are being realized: Wealthy countries and private airlines are flocking to their competitor: Airbus. It’s the rivalry that started this whole disaster in the first place. Boeing’s now-notorious 737 MAX 8 was a direct response to Airbus’ new fuel efficient engines that made them cheaper overall. This duopoly (a monopoly but with two companies) is in a constant arms race, or should I say wings race. China just announced they would buy 300 Airbus jets, which is a striking blow to Boeing whose biggest fear is a worldwide influx of customers to its only major competitor.

This is what gun control looks like: Bump-stocks were turned into the ATF to be destroyed, which is a small, small victory.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: An evening with Boston-brewed funk-jazz favorites Lettuce, the final Stoked Spoke Adventure Series, and a talk with former United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York Preet Bharara.