The gunman is out of the hospital and in police custody.
The gunman is out of the hospital and in police custody. Lester Black

Two shooting victims and the alleged gunman are in stable condition: Two victims are in stable condition this morning after being shot in a shooting Wednesday afternoon in Lake City. Two people were pronounced dead at the scene after multiple carjackings turned violent. Two others, including a bus driver who managed to back up the bus out of the gunman's range saving the 12 people onboard, are going to make a recovery. The gunman, the third person injured in the shooting, is out of the hospital this morning and in police custody. They have not confirmed his identity.

Man depicted in KOMO’s Seattle Is Dying tells his story: A man essentially used as a prop to represent disabled homeless people in Seattle barely recognized himself on screen when he saw the controversial special KOMO produced. The biggest fact they got wrong was that he wasn’t even homeless. He had been for a little over three years, but he isn’t now and he wasn’t when they filmed him downtown sitting on the sidewalk after what he says was a painful onset of sciatica, a shooting pain in your back and legs. In many ways, what they captured was progress for him; he had just finished buying laundry detergent by himself, which was a huge step toward independence. Hey KOMO, if you’re going to use people struggling with disability and homelessness as a crutch to make a flashy special that will impress Tucker Carlson, then maybe actually talk to the people you’re filming.

It’s opening day baby! And that means the Mariners are going all out. They’re technically in first place right now because they played some games in Japan, but don’t get used to it. The first official game in T-Mobile Park will kick off later today against the Boston Red Sox, the reigning world champions. But if you’re worried about a loss, then head down to The Pen for some opening music with Macklemore. I swear, does this city have any other artists? Every goddamn time we need a Seattle artist, we inevitably just turn to Macklemore. I’m told Dave Matthews lives in Wallingford. I’d take a Jimi Hendrix impersonator at this point. Let’s be better.

Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration are trying to win back public trust: There’s nothing like two fatal plane crashes that can tank public confidence. The new design of Boeing’s 737 MAX 8 planes were allegedly implicated in these two crashes and the world immediately halted all flights with those planes. Then the Seattle Times reported that the FAA delegated a suspiciously large amount of their safety oversight responsibilities to Boeing. Now they’re fighting back. The FAA is sticking by their story that they had final oversight in approving the MAX 8 plane, but did admit automation has become a big problem for pilots when it goes wrong. Boeing is finally ready to detail its software update for these planes to make the automated pitch compensation device suspected of causing these crashes more robust. They said they will now start implementing the patch in planes around the world to get these jets back in the air and win back public trust.

Rich dicks land their helicopter in a superbloom: What’s a superbloom? Of course I’m going to tell you! It’s when the golden poppy, California’s state flower, blooms like crazy due to increased rainfall. There is one just outside Los Angeles drawing what they called “Disneyland-sized crowds” leading officials to close the park. Some chaos that ensued: There was nowhere to park, a visitor got bit by a rattlesnake, people kept walking off trail in the flowers, and then, finally, a couple of rich dicks landed their helicopter in the flowers. This was the final straw. Officials wrote in a Facebook post, “we never thought it would be explicitly necessary to state that it is illegal to land a helicopter in the middle of the fields and begin hiking off trail,” but apparently some people don’t get it. The couple fled in their helicopter when approached by park rangers. The moral of the story, don’t park your helicopter like an asshole.

You might get rained on: Or you might not. I don’t know and neither do the experts. You feeling lucky? If you make it through this day dry then you have a responsibility to go buy a lottery ticket. That’s my weather advice of the day.

Trump is pissed about this Jussie Smollett case: He finally has something in common with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who thinks the state prosecutor's decision to drop all charges against Smollett was an embarrassment to the great city of Chicago. Chicago police, who historically are not the most scrupulous force in America, pieced together a case against Smollett for what they believed was a fabricated story about being assaulted in a hate crime. Trump is hopping mad too, probably after watching TV anchors talk about it, so he announced by tweet that the FBI and Department of Justice will be looking into the case. Funny, you’d think Trump would be on Smollett’s side when prosecutors say “no charges” and Smollett says he’s exonerated, in a case that’s eerily similar to the current chapter of the Mueller probe.

Speaking of the Mueller report: Apparently it is over 300 pages long. That’s a whole lot longer than the four page summary we got from Attorney General William Barr. Now people are demanding the whole enchilada, so to speak. There’s bound to be a lot in there Barr couldn’t include in his summary. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good summary—that’s literally what I do here every morning—but there’s a lot of detail that you can’t fit in. When the stakes are this high, you better just release the whole thing.

Walgreens will start selling CBD in their stores: To keep up with CVS’ decision to sell CBD ointments and salves earlier this month, Walgreens has announced they will start selling similar products in about 1,500 stores across nine different states. No, Washington is not one of those states. Don’t be sad though, weed is legal here and you can find CBD practically everywhere now.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A conversation about maternal health with former Stranger writer and Like a Mother author Angela Garbes, Taste Washington, and a concert with West African blues rocker Bombino.