Any bears nearby? China probably knows.
Any bears nearby? China probably knows. AzmanJaka/Getty Images

North Seattle shooting victim holds press conference from her hospital bed: Deborah Judd, 56, is a second-grade teacher at Laurelhurst Elementary School. On Thursday, a gunman shot her in an attempt to steal her car. She was shot three times. Judd wanted her students to know that she was okay. She still has plans to attend an Aerosmith concert on April 8, according to the Seattle Times. Hell yeah, Deborah, that's rock and roll.

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More on the shooting: The deadly shooting yesterday on Lake City Way is being labeled as "random and senseless." Two people, Deborah Judd and Eric Stark, a 53-year-old King County Metro driver, were wounded. Two people were killed. The gunman has been booked on "investigation of murder, assault and robbery" and has been identified as 33-year-old Tad-Michael Norman.

Boeing got an illegal tax break from Washington state: That's what the World Trade Organization ruled. They say the tax break—worth around $100 million a year according to the U.S.— hurt Airbus's sales. Airbus is Boeing's European competitor. But, there are no grounds for seeking arbitration, the WTO found.

The 20th anniversary of 10 Things I Hate About You is on Sunday: That's that teen high school retelling of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew starring Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger (RIP). It was also set in Seattle so that's a big deal for us around these parts. All I have to say about that movie is that it gave me unrealistic expectations about Gas Works Park and its lack of a romantic outdoor paint tag.

Happy baseball day to all those who celebrate:

That homeless shelter in a jail will open on Sunday: King County Executive Dow Constantine was serious about getting people shelter wherever possible. A former work-release space in the King County Correctional Facility is now a 40-bed men's shelter. Okay, so it's really bleak that we have to house homeless people in a fucking jail, but at least they have somewhere to go. Also, hopefully it won't even feel that much like it's part of a jail because King County spent $2 million sprucing up the place.

Wow, go Hawks!:

Lyft goes public: The rideshare company has debuted on Wall Street. It's initially valued at $24.3 billion. Shares are going for $72 each. Uber will be going public in the next few months.

The Trump administration fights for Grindr: Did you know that Grindr, the gay dating app, is owned by a Chinese firm? Cool, me either. Anyway, the U.S. wants that firm to relinquish control; the Committee on Foreign Investment believes it could threaten national security. The fear is that the information and data from Grindr could be used to blackmail or influence U.S. officials.

The Supreme Court upholds the bump stock ban: There was a lawsuit over the Trump administration's ban over the gun attachment that enables semiautomatic weapons to fire rapidly. Some gun lovers fought back against the ban, they sued on the basis of executive power, not the Second Amendment. The plaintiffs asserted that the Trump administration had exceeded its authority. All of that doesn't matter now because the Supreme Court refused to block the ban.

The case of the mysterious Garfield phones: Since the 1980s, novelty plastic Garfield (think anti-Mondays and lasagna) phones have been washing up on a French town's beaches. The mystery was ongoing until Thursday. The source of the mysterious Garfield phones was a lost shipping container that was stuck in a sea cave. It had been spewing out Garfield pieces for decades!

More horrors on French beaches: This time, it's a bit more gruesome. Mutilated dolphins have been washing up on French beaches en masse. The numbers this year are unprecedentedly high: 1,100 dolphin corpses have wound up on the shores. The cause is industrial fishing and the majority of dead dolphins were mistakingly caught in fishing nets. The question, though, is why has the number of dead dolphins gone up so much this year?