It's Time for Seattle's Green New Deal



Only if it includes a guaranteed income even for people unwilling to work!

Looking forward to taking a bullet train to Hawaii.


Two carbon taxes, one with a boatload of SJW intersectional nonsense attached to it, go down in flames in uber green liberal Washington State and these morons come along with an even dafter plan they think they can sell nationally.


@2 they both passed in King County, which is where Seattle is.

If you weren't trolling from afar, you'd know that.


The Duwamish River is not exactly "South Seattle".


“a Seattle Green New Deal, those on the way, and those already here, will find a city that is a true sanctuary from the ravages of climate change.”

So global warming will just avoid the virtuous? Do a b-line for Boise instead? Awesome. Count me in.

Fabulous weather this month though so I’m torn.


"Ending our relationship with Puget Sound Energy, one of the biggest polluters in the region, would be a step toward bringing our energy portfolio under public control. "

Huh? Puget Sound Energy is the natural gas supplier to the area Seattle is located in. Is Mr. Scott proposing that everyone convert to electric heat, cooking, and hot water heating? The implications of that are huge - not only on the micro level (the cost to the customer for the equipment and upgrading their electrical service to accommodate it) and the macro level (the SCL electrical distribution system is robust, but that's a big strain to put on it without some hefty investments).

And speaking of "public control" - electrical generation, transmission and distribution has been under public control for the last 112 years.

Is Mr. Scott sure he's not thinking of Bellevue?


@6 But his plan will make SEATTLE a sanctuary from the ravages of climate change! Except for those assholes in Magnolia who vote republican. Fuck them. Let em burn. Climate change will stop at Interbay with Sean in office.


@8 To say nothing of what life will be like cooking without gas and on electric. That’ll hurt Canlis’s ratings.


Raindrop dear, the Duwamish River is almost entirely contained within South Seattle.


Oh dear. That last comment (#9) was meant for another thread.

Mrs Vel-DuRay regrets the error.

And actually, #8 dear, induction is the hot new cooking technology. Gas is passé.


The Green New Deal is United Nations Agenda 2030 rebranded. This is a communist program that was initially created at the annual meeting of the Communist International in Moscow in 1928. I have the original meeting documents. Back then, UN Agenda 2030 was simply called "the Program." The goal was and is world communism, by way of faking an environmental crisis (today's climate change) and ensuring success by adding a religious component to the entire affair -- in this case, today's Gaya/Mother Earth green spiritual movement (i.e., promotion of Wicca, magick and anti-Christian belief systems). If you check the ICLEI web site you will find that this program has infiltrated nearly every city council in the US. 187 countries signed UN Agenda 2030 in 1992. It is primarily financed by corrupt corporate central banking families who are Gnostic/Luciferian in origin.


Actually WW2 is what 'brought us out of the Great Depression'


But Scott is right on one thing;
all the virtuous Blue cities need to stop hectoring everyone and show us how it is done.
Shrink your carbon footprint, already.
You first.
Enough with the endless whining and blah blah blah...


Oh goody. The nutjobs are here.

UN Agenda? Sounds great. Bring it on. (and I must give you credit for leaving "the jews" out of it.)

WWII ended the depression? Maybe, maybe not. That just a dumb conservative talking point. The New Deal indisputably stopped the bleeding, put people to work, and provided much needed investment in infrastructure. When you put money in people's pockets it turns out they spend it.

And the old "Blue Cities versus real America" would be better framed as "intelligent people versus dumb hicks". It has nothing to do with cities versus country.


@14 Unemployment is at 4%, even lower in Seattle, and the economy is on 7 years of growth (thanks Obama!). The lowest unemployment in 50 years, and companies are struggling to find workers. Where are you going to find the workers it’s to squirt foam into walls?

And where’s this depression?


Gosh Cat you seem off your game and a little cranky.
Are you OK?


Why, KonTiki dear, I assure you that I am perfectly peachy! It's Friday, it was a glorious sunrise, and I am enjoying a nice cup of coffee with my little doggies at my feet. Perhaps it's projection on your part? But in any event, it's sweet of you to be concerned about me.

And #15, I was referring to the original New Deal during the Great Depression of the 1930's - you know, the one with apple sellers, dance marathons, and "Buddy, Can You Spare A Dime?". This is a different sort to deal - we have a climate crisis that we refuse to address because it might imperil some inherited wealth and corporate profit. The Green New Deal would be a way to address climate change on a national scale while putting people to work in good, journey-level, jobs - not the throwaway garbage jobs that the current economy is creating.


@17 But Shaun thinks if we do the Green New Deal just in Seattle that will protect us!

“a Seattle Green New Deal, those on the way, and those already here, will find a city that is a true sanctuary from the ravages of climate change.”

Any chance though he can still screw Magnolia with his climate change sanctuary plan? I say fuck those people and their nice lawns and Audis.


I've learned that if Seattle tried to do something about climate change it wouldn't be perfect. So what's the point? Lets stay the course. If all these climate scientists are wrong we will just waste a bunch of money making the air and water cleaner.


@19 But Shaun is telling us his Seattle Green New Deal will “create a sanctuary from the ravages of climate change“. Says it right there.

I’m just hoping his plan will not protect Magnolia, because they’re just rich white assholes according to Slog.


wow, the troll managed to repeatedly soil himself in public again and stink up the joint (at least 8 comments out of 20 so far). I hope you are keeping copies of your activity here, asshole, so that your kid (as if you could be telling the truth for once) eventually can appreciate your handy-work. She'd be real proud of her dad, moron.


@21 Kid? I've got 3 of them. You seem confused. Slow day on the markets so yep, I'll be here until at least noon Seattle time, then maybe lunch in Queen Anne.

But tell me, will Shaun's Seattle New Green Deal create "a true sanctuary from the ravages of climate change" in Seattle as he promises?

And if so, will Magnolia be included?

If you say that's possible, I'll apologize for every mean thing I've ever said on Slog.


@14 "Just wait for the Green UN militias to confiscate your car and close hamburger shops"

I am afraid the crazy john Birchers eventually won (another gift from the Koch family) and turned the GOP into the nut house, which explains much about the nutjob frequency in comment sections and .. the repeal of much of the New Deal over the last 40 years, so much of it in fact that we have returned to plutocracy.

Yes, the New Deal stopped the bleeding and reduced unemployment. Equally important is the New Deal harnessed unregulated capitalism, which enabled the creation of a large middle class during the post war years, and prevented systemic economic crashes like reoccurred in 2008 precisely because our masters of the universe again deregulated finance. WW2 played a role too insofar it provided a larger PUBLIC/GOVERNMENT stimulus to the economy.


@22 as if your tripe was worth discussing. You are here only to disrupt. Fuck off, moron.


@24 i’ll take that as a “yes“ that you think Shaun of the fabulously dead’s plan to create a Seattle green new deal will make us into a sanctuary from the ravages of global warming. Except for those rich assholes in Magnolia.


@23 You wrote "Equally important is the New Deal harnessed unregulated capitalism."

What capitalism? The US Federal Reserve was created in 1913. That is a private corporation that controls the US economy. This is technically a merger of government with corporations, which is fascism. This is not capitalism. I believe you are referring to unregulated fascism, accordingly.

The Depression of 1929 was manufactured, intentionally, for the purpose of creating sweeping social changes. Communists typically engage in the immoral activity of creating a crisis for the purpose of manipulating the public to accept a pre-determined solution. In this case, the socialist (pre-communist) solution of the New Deal.

Study the findings of the congressional Pujo Commission of 1912 on these matters. They determined that the money trusts (the future private owners of the US Federal Reserve central bank) were already extensively manipulating the stock and commodity markets at that time, to such an extent as to have already manufactured economic instability and crisis.

Aviator Charles Lindbergh Jr's father was part of the Pujo Commission. He publicly stated (and wrote a book) that after the creation of the private corporate Federal Reserve central bank, all recessions and depressions would from that point forward be manufactured intentionally, for the political and social purposes of the central banking families. These families are pro-communist, as they financed both the Illuminists in Lyons during the French Revolution as well as the Bolsheviks of the Russian Revolution. The New Deal was just another part of their political manipulation.

Know your history, or be a victim and convenient idiot of it, ignorantly carrying forward the immoral political aims of the most corrupt people to ever live on this planet.


One thing about the New Deal that is often overlooked is that it helped position the United States to win WWII. Programs like rural electrification helped make sure there was abundant agricultural resources to feed both the civilians and the military, and the power created by projects like Coulee, Boulder and the TVA helped power the defense plants.

The Green New Deal provides much the same sort of infrastructure investments to make the country competitive in the new economy. I's not a repudiation of capitalism, it helps bring capitalism into the 21st century.