New Poll Shows Bob Ferguson Has High Name Recognition Among Dems in Governor's Race



Who are the 7% of people who "always or mostly vote for Dems", but prefer Bryant to Ferguson?


Now, this time, if we can just overcome the "Democratic" party's pre-pick...

I Like Fergie.
So far, he's got MY Vote.


Make that "Fightin' Fergie,"
or Trust-Bustin' Fergie.


Bob Ferguson gives me boners every time I look at him, and it’s not just because of his politics.

That said, he has thus far missed one critical test. Despite his efforts to overturn the various excesses of the trump administration, he has yet to tackle the biggest, ugliest fish of them all- Mark Zuckerberg.

Zuck the Fuck has violated the hell out of Washington state campaign laws, and is completely unrepentant. Now, if Bob wants to Fuck the Zuck, and charge him with those violations, his balls will be proven to be larger than Bezos’ terresticles. And made out of solid brass. I say that because Zuckermother has access not only to a near infinite supply of money for lawyers, he’s also got everyone’s dick pics. The whole planet. Zuck has seen eveyone’s penises. And if he opts to deploy whatever embarassing things have been said on FB, or in a private chat, well, things could get pretty ugly.

So, if Bob takes on Assbook, he becomes the bravest lawyer in the state, and therefore, the only reasonable choice for governor. If he doesn’t, one has to wonder how brave he actually is.


Excellent point, W.S.

Fightin' Fergie's got Eli on fb and Google
for the time being.

He's softening them up, I think it's called...