Me reading the Mueller report in mid-April.
Me reading the Mueller report in mid-April. evgenyatamanenko/Getty Images

Bus driver who survived North Seattle shooting speaks out: Eric Stark was struck by the gunman's bullet in the chest. With one hand staunching the blood flow and another on the wheel, he reversed his Route 75 bus off of Lake City Way and onto a side street to safety. Only then, after his 12 passengers were safe, did Stark call for help. His actions are being lauded as heroic. There's a GoFundMe for him.

The shooting suspect is saying he was drunk during the rampage: Tad Michael Norman says he doesn't remember any part of killing two people and wounding two others on Lake City Way on Wednesday. Norman told police that he is an alcoholic and was blackout drunk during the rampage after a nearly four-hour binge-drinking session. His complete charges, according to the Seattle Times are: "two counts of first-degree murder and three counts of attempted first-degree murder, with each charge also carrying a firearm enhancement." Norman is charged with killing two people; shooting Robert “Bob” Hassan, 76, in the face to steal his red Prius and killing Richard T. Lee, 75, when he crashed into Lee's car.

More reshuffling coming to Seattle Public Schools: There's going to be a massive overhaul of staff positions at SPS. Every year, teachers go through this purgatory of whether they'll stay in their current school or be transferred to a different SPS school. Some may get laid off. It's dependent on student population per school. This year, however, with a projected $40 million deficit, more changes will be made. Additionally, Wallingford's Lincoln High School is set to reopen. That will make student populations at other SPS high schools fluctuate. Somewhere around 150 full-time SPS staff are estimated to be impacted.

Drama over Seattle Is Dying: There has been rampant criticism over KOMO News's special Seattle Is Dying that aired only last week. I feel like we've been having the same discussion over it for a lifetime. Maybe we have. Anyway. David Kroman at Crosscut published a great piece about a man KOMO had depicted as homeless who wasn't actually homeless. Now, KOMO has published an op-ed beseechingly over-explaining the intentions behind Seattle Is Dying and how Kroman (though they only refer to him as a writer at "one online news site") essentially missed the point. It's all kinda funny and exhausting. KOMO wants you to know that DRUGS are DESTROYING our CITY and nothing else, and don't you forget it, okay. Anyway, that's all the media drama I'm going to delve into in this post. Thank you for listening.

Weekend weather? Who the fuck knows, says meteorologists.

Um... SeaTac Airport just got sexy???? And they have an Evergreens salad? Listen, say what you will about Evergreens vastly overpriced salads, but they're tasty. And they make you feel okay.

National vaccine refusal rate in the U.S. is 3.3 percent: Wealthy and highly-educated areas of the country are topping the charts when it comes to anti-vaxxing. There have been 310 measles cases in the country this year. For all of 2018, there were 372 cases. Seattle has the highest anti-vax rate on the West Coast, clocking in at a 7.9 percent vaccine refusal rate.

Did you notice how I spelled 'percent' there? Good. That's how it's been done! Spell out percent, fuck a %-sign, you know? Well, the Associated Press Stylebook, the journalism rule-maker, is saying that we've gotta switch up, pivot to percent sign! I think "percent" looks way better spelled out. I will continue to do it that way until someone slaps me on the wrist in which case I will change because I am afraid of getting in trouble.

This other new rule is a whole lot better: If not obvious.

Forget climate change-caused drought, we're living in a sex drought: The absolute horror. It's called the Great American Sex Drought and it's our reality. American adults just aren't bumping uglies as often as we used to. A new report shows that more adults than ever are reporting not having had sex in the last year. That decrease is expected in the older, aging generation which keeps growing. But, American 20-somethings aren't having sex either. This is especially true with men 20-somethings. The conclusions aren't definite, but unemployment and living with parents may have impacts on the rate of sexual activity.

It's cherry blossom season: Go trample the UW quad. Those cherry blossoms are good for all types of pictures: proposal, graduation, divorce, sorority group photo, you name it!

Utahns don't have an excuse for decreased sexual activity anymore: Maybe it was all of Utah massively skewing the results of that sexual activity study. Before Friday, it was illegal for non-married people to have sex. In 2019. But, as of Friday, that's no longer illegal! Fuck with abandon, you crazy, horny Utahns!

Space-walk continues without being historic: The NASA space-walk that was supposed to be the first all-female space-walk went on as planned—except it wasn't all-female. A spacesuit sizing incident threw a wrench into that plan. Oh well. Happy Women's History Month.

The Mariners don't suck: Knock on wood. But they beat the Boston Red Sox yesterday? The Boston Red Sox who won the World Series last year? Wild!

The Mueller report will be made available: To everyone! Attorney General William Barr said he will release a redacted version of the Mueller report (all 400 pages!) in mid-April. The White House will get it at the same time as everyone else.

Headline of the week: El Chapo's family hopes to fashion a clothing line with drug lord's brand