Sometimes rock drummers turn out to be great DJs.
Sometimes rock drummers turn out to be great DJs. COURTESY OF SCOTT GIAMPINO

Current top 5 tracks:

Barbara Lynn, "I’m A Good Woman" (Tribe)

The Bubble Puppy, "Thinkin' About Thinkin'" (International Artists)
"And the FLIP is a crusher, too."

I.R.A., "Dooley vs. the Ferris Wheel" (Dot)

The Wimple Winch, "Save My Soul" (Fontana)

Madeleine Chartrand, "Ani-Kuni" (Extra)

Crew/label affiliations: "The Soul Hole, Hard Roller, The P.E.C. (Prog Enthusiasts Club), The Fixers."

Styles played: "Anything that would be considered a resident of CUT TOWN: hard soul and R&B, garage, glam, punk, psych, rock and roll, funk, disco."

Events organized: "Former mayor of the Soul Hole, Trippin' Nads, Cut Town USA."

DJing philosophy: "Cuts only! I want to have a good time. I want you to have a good time with me. Clapping encouraged. PMA: No bad vibes. This ain’t an exclusive club, not highbrow business, you just gotta get with the scene! AWC—Ah Who Cares."

Format: "45s yes, LPs sometimes."

Worst request: "Deep into a funky set [I was spinning], a woman kept asking me for something funky. 'Play something funky,' and I said like what, but she couldn't put her finger on exactly what she was trying to say. I offered, 'You mean like James Brown?' And she said, 'Yes!' Then I had to inform her that this was James Brown playing right then now! It was 'Get Up, Get into It, Get Involved,' in fact. BLANK STARE."

Upcoming events:
4/16 Corvus & Co., 8 pm-12 am
4/25 Seattle Aquarium, 6 pm-9 pm