Sometimes rock drummers turn out to be great DJs.
Sometimes rock drummers turn out to be great DJs. COURTESY OF SCOTT GIAMPINO

Monster Energy Outbreak Tour Presents SLUSHII at WaMu Theater on April 26. Tickets still available!

Current top 5 tracks:

Barbara Lynn, "I’m A Good Woman" (Tribe)

The Bubble Puppy, "Thinkin' About Thinkin'" (International Artists)
"And the FLIP is a crusher, too."

I.R.A., "Dooley vs. the Ferris Wheel" (Dot)

The Wimple Winch, "Save My Soul" (Fontana)

Madeleine Chartrand, "Ani-Kuni" (Extra)

Crew/label affiliations: "The Soul Hole, Hard Roller, The P.E.C. (Prog Enthusiasts Club), The Fixers."

Styles played: "Anything that would be considered a resident of CUT TOWN: hard soul and R&B, garage, glam, punk, psych, rock and roll, funk, disco."

Events organized: "Former mayor of the Soul Hole, Trippin' Nads, Cut Town USA."

DJing philosophy: "Cuts only! I want to have a good time. I want you to have a good time with me. Clapping encouraged. PMA: No bad vibes. This ain’t an exclusive club, not highbrow business, you just gotta get with the scene! AWC—Ah Who Cares."

Format: "45s yes, LPs sometimes."

Worst request: "Deep into a funky set [I was spinning], a woman kept asking me for something funky. 'Play something funky,' and I said like what, but she couldn't put her finger on exactly what she was trying to say. I offered, 'You mean like James Brown?' And she said, 'Yes!' Then I had to inform her that this was James Brown playing right then now! It was 'Get Up, Get into It, Get Involved,' in fact. BLANK STARE."

Upcoming events:
4/16 Corvus & Co., 8 pm-12 am
4/25 Seattle Aquarium, 6 pm-9 pm