Budtenders Face Felonies for Accidentally Selling to Minors, This Law Would Change That



I think the biggest unfair part is that the budtenders aren't the ones (at least, at the places I go) responsible for checking ID's. The doorman does that; by the time they're in the shop, they're presumed good to go. Similar to a crowded bar - the bartender's job is to serve the drinks, not check ID's. Seems to be putting responsibility on the wrong person.

Generally speaking, I don't think we should model systems after alcohol, however.


The Doorman should be fired if anyone under 21 gets in.


I don't know where @1 is shopping, but down here at my preferred place in Tacoma, they have a security guards who checks ID's, and then at time of purchase the budtender re-checks the ID.

Honestly, the only time I've NOT had a bartender check my ID at the bar, was when I was either being served by a waitress, or they had wristbands they gave out at the door after checking ID. Otherwise it's not only common sense, but good practice to always verify a customer's ID when in doubt.

@2 Indeed.. That's the whole point of the doorman, to make sure persons under 21 don't make it past the door.