Maybe well get a win for science???
Maybe we'll get a win for science??? SOUTH_AGENCY/GETTY

Issaquah students plan walkout following one student’s racist post: A group of students at Issaquah High School are responding to one of their classmate’s racist social media posts with a walkout. Seems like that’s the only way adults pay attention to students anymore. The post shows a girl asking a guy to the school dance with a sign that reads, "If I was black I'd be picking cotton, but instead I pick you." As if those signs weren’t lame enough already, this kid had to add blatant racism to the mix. Teachers are not actively blocking the walkout and the student’s post is under investigation. For reference, Issaquah High School is almost 70% white and only about 2% black.

Two local men charged for selling ivory: They will become the first charged under the new law banning the sale of all items made from the body parts of certain endangered species like elephant tusks. In 2015, Paul Allen bankrolled the ballot measure to stop the sale of endangered animal parts for megafauna altogether. It didn’t make it illegal to own–if you had a bunch of ivory trinkets you should feel bad but you could continue to own them–but if you tried to sell them, like these two men from Everett and Seattle did, then Attorney General Bob Ferguson would come knocking.

Former Washington lawmaker settles lawsuit against Central Washington University: Ex-Rep. Matt Manweller was suing them for wrongful termination after he was fired and resigned from the Legislature following allegations of sexual misconduct from former students. According to a Seattle Times investigation, he allegedly invited a student out to get drinks after class, she brought a friend along for safety, so he proposed a threesome between them. Yuck. And there’s more stories like it. Manweller sued the school for $2 million in damages but is now settling for a measly $155,000 and CWU admits no fault in firing him.

Bill to end vaccine exemptions could pass the Legislature today: And what a happy day that would be! The Washington House already passed the bill ending personal and philosophical exemptions to school-required measles vaccines; now the bill is headed for a vote in the Senate. It’s very, very likely the house will vote yes and Gov. Jay Inslee will almost certainly sign it because he is all about those science-based policies. He is, after all, the climate change candidate.

SpottieOttieDopaliscious: Is that the weather report or an Outkast song? It’s both! We got spotty showers all over the region, with a 100% chance of funky horn lines.

Lori Lightfoot is the new Mayor of Chicago: Not only will she become the first African-American woman to occupy the mayor’s office, she will be the first openly gay person to lead the city. Lightfoot overwhelmingly beat opponent Toni Preckwinkle, who was a more established Chicago politician. Honestly, I think the city is just glad that Rahm Emanuel, the current mayor and former Obama chief of staff, is leaving. Lightfoot is a lawyer who has worked with the Chicago Police Department and, in some instances, against the police department, issuing scathing reports on their relationship with black residents. Also, how great is her name? So great.

The Murdoch family is split on the future of Fox News: Rupert Murdoch, the bag of skin behind Fox News and an empire of media outlets around the world, is 88-years-old and has already had several close brushes with death. His sons are locked in a fierce fight over the direction they should take the company in after their father’s death, according to a New York Times investigation. Fox Corporation, the newly streamlined version of Fox after it sold basically everything except news assets to Disney, is one of the most influential “news” services in the english-speaking world. It asserts a special dominance is countries like England and Australia.

Murdoch’s two sons, Lachlan and James, are split: Lachlan wants to “lean into the reactionary politics of the moment” whereas James wants to make Fox a less partisan news channel because it makes more business sense. Unsurprisingly, Lachlan has been tapped as the heir to the company, so get ready for an even more partisan Fox News (if that’s even possible).


House authorizes subpoena for unredacted Mueller report: Attorney General William Barr is working with Mueller to release a redacted version of the report by mid-April, but Democrats want the whole thing. They voted this morning to approve a subpoena for the unredacted report, which might be impossible to get. The redactions are supposed to prevent confidential sources and secret intel gathering methods from getting out into the public so it doesn’t screw up future investigations, but there’s also a fear that Barr will use the redactions too liberally (or I guess in this case conservatively) to hide Trump’s misdeeds.

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Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A concert with old-school Northwest rock institution Queensrÿche, the stunningly gorgeous dance explosion (although possibly indoctrinating) Shen Yun, and the Silent Reading Party.