Theyve got the, uh, scoop on each other. Ha.
They've got the, uh, scoop on each other. Ha. etienne voss/Getty Images

More information on that Washington family involved in fatal car crash: Last March, a Washington family plunged to their deaths off a Northern California cliff. It killed the two mothers and all six children inside. Now, a jury will decide whether their deaths were accidental or murder-suicide. The driver, Jennifer Hart, was drunk, a forensic pathologist testified. The children were also drugged with a large amount of diphenhydramine, a drug that can cause drowsiness.

Amazon is moving: The Kindle pioneer is packing up its entire Seattle-based worldwide operations team and moving them all the way to… BELLEVUE of all places. Have fun over there, worldwide operations team. There are thousands of employees in that team so a lot of people think this spells The End for Amazon's investment in Seattle. However worried people get about Amazon uprooting, just imagine them trying to move Jeff's glass balls.

The Seattle Times is selling a printing press in Bothell: Also the facility and the property surrounding the press. The sale is to fund more journalism! The Times will move all publishing to Kent. The county says the parcels are worth around $38 million, in case you're interested in buying this print journalism graveyard. Or! The Times could just give that facility to our roller derby teams and then they wouldn't have to worry about finding a place to play. Sound good? I think so too.

Northgate's Macy's is dying: A year earlier than planned. Goodbye, irrelevant department store. I went in there to buy a new jacket last fall and it was a ghost town. The store was supposed to close in 2020, buuuut it's gonna close in mid-2019 to make way for Northgate Mall renovations. Hello, NHL practice facility.

New statute of limitations laws are getting close to being law: The Legislature has nearly passed legislation that will do away with the statute of limitations for juvenile sexual assault survivors. It will also double the statute of limitation from 10 years to 20 years for adult survivors.

Molly Moon's employees know how much each other is making: A new wage transparency initiative went into effect Tuesday. It makes it so any employee can know what their colleagues are making—no matter their level. This transparency is a way to not only limit the gender wage gap but also show people that they can really make a living in the ice cream business. Should I make a career move? My forearms would get so strong.

UmMMMmmmmm: Oh shit????

Here, I'll dive into that for you: Members of Mueller's team don't think that Attorney General William Barr's representation of their findings was accurate. Allegedly, what Barr communicated to the public was a lot softer and more watered down than what's in the initial report. They're worried because Barr now controls the narrative and the public may be less receptive to the real facts of the report when it comes out. They had written multiple summaries of the report and wish that more of what was in those was included in Barr's 4-page summary. Meanwhile, Barr is currently editing out confidential information on the 400-page report before it becomes public. Related, the House Democrats have subpoenaed a full copy of the report. Jury's out on if they'll get it.

Joe says he's sorry: Women came forward to say that the way Joe Biden had treated them made them uncomfortable. After three previous attempts to quiet the controversy, Biden released this video:

It's time for tax returns: Tax day is coming up! And the House Democrats are asking for Donald Trump's tax returns. Formally.

Felicity Huffman and Lori Laughlin were in court today: For their roles in the college bribery scandal. But, it's looking like these actresses will see prison time. The max prison time would be 5 years. It'll probably be softer than that because, you know, they're rich, white actresses. Reportedly, some of the high profile defendants in the case have hired a prison consultant to advise them on what prison life is like.