Everything has been divvied up.
Everything has been divvied up. CHIP SOMODEVILLA/GETTY

Man arrested in Seattle rideshare rape case: A woman headed home from a bar in Ballard got into a car that wasn't the Uber her friend had ordered for her. According to her account, he pulled the car over in White Center and raped her. The suspect was identified by a relative via surveillance footage broadcast on the news. He was taken into custody when he went to clear his name. He hasn't been charged yet.

After eight crashes, the state takes a hint: There's this treacherous part of I-5 that's seen eight crashes since last September, all involving semi-trucks. Part of the precariousness is that the road has been narrowed due to two construction projects in that area. The biggest factor is speed. The Washington State Patrol is nipping that shit in the bud, finally, and lowering the speed limit from 60 mph to 50 mph. The speed limit change is going to be strictly enforced so mind your mph.

The Makah tribe may be able to hunt whales again: Hunting grey whales is a historic part of the Makah tribe, located on the farthermost Northwestern tip of North America. Their last hunt was in 1999 after 70 years of not hunting. Grey whale populations have flourished since and been removed from the endangered species list. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is considering reinstating the hunts, but with strict rules.

Lockdown at Puyallup high school: There was a second-hand report of a student bringing a weapon on campus. The school was locked down and authorities are searching for the weapon.

THIS is the only thing that stands between us and a summer of hellfire: I have some critiques.

Boeing says sorry for killing all those people: Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg delivered an apology for the lives lost in the two fatal crashes of the 737 MAX. Hours before the apology, a report was released that stated that the pilots of the Ethiopian flight followed every rule and guideline provided by Boeing for when the plane enters a nosedive. They were unable to regain control of the plane. Muilenburg also said that Boeing is nearing a fix to the software and that he remains optimistic about the aircraft, despite all the blood and carnage and loss.

Motel 6 is paying its dues: Attorney General Bob Ferguson stuck it to Motel 6 with a 2018 investigation into their practices of sharing customer information with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. Motel 6 is coughing up $12 million in restitution.

Hopefully your day was better than this mailman's:

Keeping up with the Bezoses: Jeff and MacKenzie have figured out how they're splitting their finances amidst their divorce. MacKenzie announced the deal on Twitter this morning. Jeff will keep custody of Blue Origin and The Washington Post as well as 75 percent of shares in Amazon. The couple also has kids. That custody agreement was not mentioned.

Meanwhile, Amazon wants to be our internet provider: There's a plan in the works over at Amazon to launch 3,000 satellites to provide high-speed broadband globally. That sounds… pretty neat, especially after coping with bunk ass Comcast all the time. It's cool too because the plan would bring the internet to places that don't already have basic access to broadband. But, other hotshot tech people (looking at you, Elon) want to do this too. Also, I know Amazon already knows everything about us, but wouldn't this ensure that it really knows everything about us?

House tells NRA to fuck off, passes domestic violence gun control laws: Despite some no holds barred lobbying, the House voted against the National Rifle Association to pass a new and improved Violence Against Women Act. The law strengthens restrictions on convicted domestic abusers' ability to purchase guns. The bill passed no problem and 33 Republicans turned their backs on the NRA to vote with the Democrats.

Person behind Taylor Swift fan account thrown in prison: For refusing to join the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). She's 19, runs a stan account for the country-turned-pop singer (stan = stalker/fan, but in a loving way) is from Israel and is pro-Palestine. Israelis must enlist in the IDF or face prison time. The stan account runner doesn't support the IDF so she went to prison. This viral tweet exchange ensued:

Mormons get (sort of) inclusive: Has the 21st century finally come to Salt Lake City (and other places, too, obviously)? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced Thursday that it would allow children from same-sex parents to be baptized. This is a small step, but a big reversal of anti-LGBTQ rules established by the church in 2015. We can't get ahead of ourselves with patting Mormonism on the back just yet—they still think being gay is a sin.