Cats the Movie Might Not Be a Total Catastrophe

Jennifer Hudson is cast as a creepy little cat but damn she can sing.



Catnip for those that love screeching and staccato.


more like a CAT-astrophe, am I right?


Dame Judi Dench was the first Sally Bowles in the 1968 West End production of “Cabaret”. The woman can, or could, sing. She’s awesome!!


"Academy Award-winningly good (Hooper's Les Misérables won three Oscars)"

The movie of Les Miserables is a giant pile of shit. Ruined by Russel Crowe "singing," Hugh Jackman straining, and the general mess of people singing live on a movie, which is a stupid stupid stupid idea. There's a reason it's not done. It sounds like crap.

Cats is a stupid show. It'll make a stupider movie.


I hate Andrew Llyod Weber for ruining musical theater -- for instance, the notion that a musical need only have one memorable song in order to survive.

Could not make it through that 1998 Cats video.

I'll skip this like I skipped Miserables and should have should have skipped every other film made from his miserable musicals.

Stephen Sondheim can also eat shit.