Slog AM: The Washington Caucus Is Officially Dead, Oregon Students Allegedly Scammed Apple for More Than $1 Million, Homeland Security Secretary Resigns



Caucuses are still happening to select delegates to represent the precinct/district/county/state.


Is it necessary to refer to the Oregon students as Chinese students?


no one cares about your "Chicago"


I'd prefer a bit more news from your Chicago, please!


I participated in caucuses for a couple of presidential elections, but when the results of the 2016 primary were a 180 flip from the 2016 caucus results, it became clear changes were required.


@2 well they got the fake iphones from China so it is relevant.


bum rap. Those kids were just trying to help counterfeit iPhone victims. So what if they made a little change on the side? Probably just picking on them for being chinese.


If you're actually from the city of Chicago and not, like, Winnetka or Evanston or Wilmette, I'll give you $5.


@5 That’s partly because people who participated in the caucuses didn’t vote in the primary.


@7: No they're just low life fraudsters - doesn't matter where they're from.



I don't think so. You can get fake iPhones from China even if you're not Chinese. I mean if they're going to get described racially, then the white author of Slog AM should also describe everyone else by race: white Stranger writer Katie Herzog, white Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, African Paris Saint-Germaine forward, white American tourist and maybe even African Congolese guide.

At least for the kidnapped pair one can make a case that it's relevant to distinguish between one person being a US citizen and the other person being a local resident, but racial identifications are unnecessary for the rest.


Chicago has a wonderful musical legacy with greats like Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon and Howlin' Wolf making it vital in the development of rock.. Is it the birthplace of rock n' roll? No. You need to head south to the Missssippi delta find the birthplace of the genre.



Tech Times: "Chinese nationals Quan Jiang and Yangyang Zhou were caught participating in a counterfeit iPhone scheme."


13 is for @seatackled.

Why is 'Chinese' disparaging as an adjective in this context?


seatackled - At least at this mentioning of the incident The Chinese connection appears only two sentences in, not even in the headline, and is certainly legit as it explains how the two could work this out in both countries.


10 how do you know were you there?



It's not disparaging, dumbass; it's irrelevant because it's a racial description. See @11 and and see if you can understand the parallels. Also, see you if you can understand the difference between "Chinese students" and "Chinese nationals." I'm not sure the ladder description is necessary either, but at least it's not a racial description.


17 dumbass is not disparing either, unless you aren't made of pure teflon.


Kirstjen Nielsen could totally find work as a Mary Chapin Carpenter impersonator.

In fact, I don't know why Timothy didn't go with a Mary Chapin Carpenter song to celebrate Nielsen's departure.



"Chinese" is not a racial description.
It is a description of nationality.
There are multiple racial/ethnic groups in China.


You gotta watch those Chinese nationals, they are very good at finding loopholes, legal or not, and exploiting them. When I worked at Amazon we cracked a fraudster ring. Chinese nationals in various cities across the US would open bogus businesses, and purchase gift cards from Amazon at a discount through that program. They would then use those discounted gift cards and buy mainly 3 items: Electric razors, nike/addias shoes, and gaming consoles. These items would be shipped to China instead of the US. They would then sell the stuff and pocket the discount. I'm sure they aren't the only ones to do this, but it certainly was one of many such fraud rings involving chinese nationals.


@21 I'm not seeing a serious issue here. I suppose it would be a grey area to open a 'bogus business' in order to obtain a discount but millions of Americans flirt with this legal twilight zone for tax purposes. It sounds to me like they are just hustling to make a buck and giving people in China a good deal. People gotta live.
Whose ox is being gored?


Today I learned that some people think "Chinese" is a race, and apparently believe everyone in China belongs to it, despite this no longer being the 19th century.

Just to elucidate, one is thinking of "Han Chinese" when one shows their ignorance/racism in assuming everyone in China is of one monolithic race/ethnicity.


@5 the results in 2016 were so backwards is because the Democratic primary ballot was a ballot with no other issues. Those of us who supported Senator Sanders didn't waste the postage on a meaningless poll, when our candidate had already won Washington States pledged delegates by a landslide in the caucuses. So the vast majority people who voted were Clinton supporters upset that she lost so badly. You didn't see that previously with other primaries, because normal democratic candidates don't attract so many brainless fanatics as Secretary Clinton did.


@11 "Chinese" isn't a race. It's nationality. "Asian" is a race.


The fun part of mail in primaries is they are designed for massive amounts of foreign dollars to impact, pretending to be from "US" interest groups.

Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.


While I have fond memories of the Iowa caucus, it’s a dumb, archaic practice that we are well rid of, no matter what the Sanders supporters say.

And LizNaylor dear, Mr. Vel-DuRay is from the south side. He attended St Sympharosa grade school and Marie Curie High. You can mail his check to Chez Vel-DuRay, c/o Seattle, WA. It will get to us eventually.


@27, uh, I was talking to the author?


28 - and how on Earth might one know:

"If you're actually from the city of Chicago and not, like, Winnetka or Evanston or Wilmette, I'll give you $5."

Sounded to me (too!) like a blanket
Handout to any/all commentators from Chicago.

This could be Huge.



I had considered that, actually. I said to myself, what if the white author simply meant to say that these are citizens of China? But I realize that doesn't matter because it is racializing language. People aren't going to read that and say, "Oh, these are students with passports issued by China but they are possibly white or black or biracial or Uighur," they are going to think Asian and Chinese.


Washington Democratic Caucuses = Good riddance to an anachronism



Why do you care? It's incredibly common for people to claim to be "from" the largest city in a general geographic region, particularly if they're from that city's immediate suburban area. Pretty sure Timothy in one of last week's news posts already stated he was actually from a lesser known area of Illinois.


It’s a known fact that being from a large US city means you can beat up anyone from a smaller city, or at least this is my understanding from trash-talking reality tv stars. “Bitch I am from Winnetka!” just doesn’t sound very threatening.


How many more from the disastrous Trumpty Dumpty Evil Empire will desert Trumpty's sinking ship following Kirstjen Nielsen's resignation from Homeland Security? Would we finally regain our democracy by way of mass exodus from gross incompetence and idiocy? What if Trumpty Dumpty opened its Grand Canyon size sinkhole of a potty mouth, fell in, the world cheered, and life went on?
I'm still waiting for a large alligator to snap up Trumpty Dumpty out putting in its Mar-a-Lago swampland. Now there's a Kodak moment.


@34 -- "I'm still waiting for a large alligator to snap up
Trumpty Dumpty out putting in its Mar-a-Lago swampland.
Now there's a Kodak moment."

Well put, Auntie Gee!
Too bad Trumpfy's already Drained the fucking Swamp, eh?!
Oh. Wait.

Fawker's confused 'Draining' with 'Stocking.'
Ah, it could happen to Anybody.
(with an IQ of negative 2).