CupcakKe caption
CupcakKe is playing TONIGHT at Crocodile. CRAIG BARRITT / STRINGER

CupcakKe is really fucking important! And I'm happy that we have someone like her around. Earlier this year, the Chicago rapper publicly dealt with some mental health struggles and her fans and community rallied around her, tweeting support and love from around the world. Now, cupcakKe is back and better and will be performing tonight at the Crocodile.

For the uninitiated, the Chicago rapper is most known for her sexually explicit songs—like the one where she raps, “His dick smaller than my toes / I’d rather ride Squidward nose.” Or the one where she talks about going “duck duck goose” on the dick and, in the accompanying NSFW music video, goes around patting dildos of all colors and sizes on their heads. 'Cuz I mean—who hasn't kind of wanted to do that?

But cupcakKe has got range: Her candid style reflects on all areas of her life and finds her rapping about being sexually abused, LGBT acceptance and allyship, and police brutality. She’s the Renaissance woman of modern hip-hop. When I first came across her track "LGBT," I was a bit confused about what her message was, but the more I listened, the more I liked that a rapper would hold space for being an ally in a way that I hadn't seen before. And it's a bop.

Cupcakke will be joined by rappers Lil Woadie and Thee Prophecy on the Crocodile stage. Both rappers are from Seattle and bring a trap-infused warm-up to the debauchery that will ensue in the headlining act. Though I think stylistically the pairing of these rappers with cupcakKe isn't a perfect match, their beats and flow are enough to get the party off the ground.

See you all there.