The Washington State Lawmaker Who Also Works for a Foreign Government



Half a million is "just making [his] way in the world". Depravity.


Perhaps he will explain exactly what he does and what expectations are in his new job? To allay fears with full disclosure?
Wingnuts will have to google "full disclosure."
Probably "expectations" while they are at it.


And we wonder why politics continues to attract those who can be tempted by greed.


@3: Get your shots and a nap, already, muffy, and shave that hideous toupee. Your sanctimonious pearl clutching has long since revealed show its signs of wear.
@4: RickFromTexas for the WIN!

Thug Ericksen, R-Ferndale, bought and paid for property of the gluttonous fossil fuel industry, is unscrupulous scum and should be removed from the Washington State Senate in an industrial sized garbage bag.


Thug Ericksen doesn't even represent his constituents in the 42nd District! He should be doing prison time. The $500K Cambodian stunt is pure Trumpist bullshit, all smoke and mirrors. As for his involvement with the EPA, he conspired to dismantle it to benefit his fossil fuel special interests and corporate polluters! He's a crook, period, in the same league as Dino Mafia Don Rossi---grinning like an egg-suck dog.