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It's just relaxing! fizkes/Getty Images

Club employees get trained on opioid reversal drug: A Public Health pilot program is teaching employees from several Seattle nightclubs how to administer the drug Naloxone, also called Narcan, which can temporarily reverse the effects of an opioid overdose and hopefully save someone’s life. The program is in line with King County’s harm reduction approach to addressing the opioid epidemic, according to the Seattle Times. Progressive public health advocates think Narcan should be everywhere: in businesses, in the pocket of every drug user, and even in your house. You never know when it might save someone’s life.

Oregon wolf population up at least 10% in 2018: It’s probably more though because researchers couldn’t find every wolf this winter, despite ample evidence they were moving into new territory in central and western Oregon. There are now 137 known wolves, with the possibility of additional sneaky wolves added to that total. Although wolves were delisted from the Endangered Species Act in Oregon, they still have special game protections that prohibit hunting or trapping. The U.S. Interior Department is considering lifting hunting bans on gray wolves, which would be both self-defeating and cruel. But don’t break out your pitchforks just yet, I’ll let you know if they follow through and we can all sharpen our pitchforks together.

OneBusAway has a new challenger: But there can be only one ultimate bus tracker! If you don’t know what OneBusAway is then you probably never take the bus (shame on you) or I’m about to make your life way better (just download it). This new app, designed by a University of Washington junior, boasts a more real-time tracking of buses so that you can see exactly where your bus is on the route instead of relying on automated arrival estimates. It’s only available on Android phones at the moment, but the student said he’ll be working on an Apple version over the summer, according to the Seattle Times. I love OneBusAway with all my heart, but hey, I’ll try anything once.

Virginia wins their first ever March Madness championship: In an exciting game that I did not watch because I was studying for the GRE because I’m a huge nerd, Virginia pulled out an overtime win to beat Texas Tech. According to Twitter, the referees are taking a beating over what some saw as calls that mostly favored Virginia, especially in overtime where Virginia got 10 calls their way and Texas received zero. If you think basketball games are rigged, you’re wrong. Yes, refs have biases, but basketball games have never been called more fairly. Listen to this episode of This American Life if you don’t believe me.

It’s looking gray outside my window folks: It probably looks the same outside your window too. We might get a few showers this morning, but the afternoon will be mostly rain free.

Trump is personally telling border agents to break the law: His latest repetitive slogan is, “Our country is full.” I could dive into how blatantly steeped that language is in white nationalism, but I gotta keep these blurbs snappy. Trump is reportedly pissed about the number of asylum seekers arriving at the border, but his plan to simply turn them away is illegal. Border agents who spoke with the president were told by their supervisors to essentially ignore the president’s orders or they would face personal liability for their illegal actions. This story is bananas.

Attorney General William Barr says he will deliver Mueller Report within a week: He testified on Capitol Hill this morning on a routine meeting about the Department of Justice annual budget, which served as a perfect opportunity for lawmakers to grill him on the specifics of the Mueller Report. The redacted report will be made publicly available by early next week, so get ready for a lot of hand wringing and speculation about what’s behind those blacked out sections.

A prison in Russia is reinstating yoga after dismissing the claim it makes inmates gay: Yes, this was a real worry for one conservative senator who pressured the prison into stopping yoga sessions for inmates for fear of “uncontrolled sexual arousal and homosexuality.” Obviously, that’s complete bullshit, so the prison authorities reinstated yoga sessions because of their calming effect and general benefits for inmates.

Now listen here you $#!%: Yesterday we started our journey through Chicago’s (my hometown) illustrious musical history with a Muddy Waters song that exemplifies Chicago’s importance in blues music. Now we’re going to jump forward a couple decades and look at another, very different genre of music that started in a Chicago warehouse in the 70s: house music. The now-famous DJ Frankie Knuckles opened up a club called The Warehouse on Chicago’s south side where he spun a brand new fusion of disco classics and European beats that would later build the foundation of house music. House music is literally just the music played at The Warehouse.

So if you’ve ever shaken your tuchus to modern day house megastars like Avicii or Calvin Harris, you have Chicago and DJ Frankie Knuckles to thank.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: Award-winning cartoonist Box Brown's reading from The Illegalization of Weed in America, Urinetown: The Musical, and one of your last chances to see Lore Re-Imagined: Shadows of Our Ancestors at the Wing Luke Museum.