Which one of you ghosts has beef with power lines?
Which one of you ghosts has beef with power lines? YOUNGGI KIM/Getty Images

ICE and Border Patrol are staking out Washington courthouses: And they're arresting undocumented immigrants who show up to pay fines. These officers are typically in unmarked cars and wearing plain clothes. Many people who have witnessed these arrests believe they're witnessing kidnappings, according to a report by Crosscut. These courthouse arrests have increased under the Trump administration's 2017 expansion of immigration enforcement. Many of the people who are targeted are not criminals, but people showing up to court for minor offenses.

NO ONE KNOWS WHAT CAUSED THIS: There were no extreme weather events, no Dorothy-worthy twisters, on the day 26 power lines toppled over in Tukwila suddenly. The poles weren't even in disrepair. Obviously, it's ghosts.

Tacoma man goes about striking it rich the wrong way: A man was arrested in Tacoma Tuesday in connection to an exploded Wells Fargo ATM. Officers responded to a loud, explosive sound at around 3:30 a.m. and found a vandalized ATM. Police are pretty certain that the suspect they arrested is responsible. They're looking into whether he's the culprit behind similar incidents around South Puget Sound. My main question is whether the ATM survived. What does it take to get one of those bastards open? Besides what it took in that disturbing episode of Breaking Bad.

Boy shot to death in Yakima: A 14-year-old boy was shot to death in a Wapato park. Reports suggest that the shooting was gang-related.

KOMO has found the orcas: I guess those helicopters are good for something. The orcas are near West Seattle. There's a baby with them. A baby orca, that is. Not a baby human.

Hope Solo is getting a biopic: The women's soccer goalie's life story will be getting the star treatment. Solo, a Washington native and UW alum, is arguably one of the best goalkeepers in women's soccer. She has also been plagued by controversy for allegedly assaulting her sister and nephew. The film doesn't have a lead actress or a release date yet.

Seattle teams up with tech companies: Last year, Mayor Jenny Durkan announced the Innovation Advisory Council, a collaboration with the city and a bunch of tech leaders. It felt like a big PR move in a post-head tax Seattle. But they actually did something. They initiated seven technology projects that Durkan will unveil soon. They aim to provide services for Seattle, from earthquake early warning apps to Zillow's app to pair people with affordable housing units, according to GeekWire.

Olympia's bright light is a rising star freshman in the Senate: Sen. Joe Nguyen is mixing things up in the legislature. Mainly, he's putting people ahead of profits and fighting for issues he cares about all while being the first Vietnamese American senator and dealing with institutionalized racism, sometimes from within his own party. Read Rich Smith's feature on Nguyen here.

Measles is running rampant in Brooklyn: New York City declared a public health emergency on Tuesday after a measles outbreak in Brooklyn. The order is making vaccinations mandatory for all unvaccinated children and adults. If people don't comply—or cannot prove an adequate medical exemption—then they could be found guilty of misdemeanor violations and incur fines. New York isn't fucking around with this measles shit.

It's a tie?: Both Benjamin Netanyahu, the right-wing incumbent, and Benny Gantz, a newcomer and centrist, have declared victory in Israel's prime minister election. It's a dead heat and that's bad for Netanyahu, a three-year veteran of the position who has the support of President Trump and has built a solid Israeli economy. Results may not come in until tomorrow for Israel, or, late tonight for the U.S.

Another Uber horror story: It seems like there's a rideshare nightmare happening every goddamn day. This one isn't a rape or a murder, thankfully. A California couple got dropped off at the airport by their Uber driver. He turned right back around and went to rob their house. An alarm deterred him, so he robbed their neighbors, ransacking their house.

Man who allegedly pretended to be kidnapping victim has done this shit before: Brian Michael Rini, 23, is a convicted felon. Earlier this month, he pretended to be a 14-year-old boy who disappeared in 2011 at age 6. A DNA sample proved Rini's lie. He has previously portrayed himself as a "child sex trafficking victim" on two occasions. Rini remains in jail awaiting an April 19 court date.

There's just something in my eye: AND IT'S FOUR BEES. This Taiwanese woman was being treated for an eye infection. Doctors found bees—FOUR OF THEM—in her eye. They were feasting on her tears. She may have contracted bee-in-the-eye-itis while hanging out around a family member's grave, according to this article.