Washington’s Legislature Is Close to Passing Major Pot Enforcement Reform



Hm. The Ike's blog post does convince me there's some more journalism you ought to be doing here.

Which exactly are the past enforcement actions that would be wiped away by the 2017 cutoff? Which businesses did what, and what consequences are they facing if their bill doesn't pass?


So what happened to home growing for all adults. The state legislature seems to know who butters their bread, pulls their strings, or should I say keeps the green rolling in. There were 2 adult home grow bills this year that have gone nowhere. Why? Could it be the corporate/government businesses have influence that is greater than the public good of the people of this state. If the legislature were looking out for the people they would allow medical cannabis to be grown by all patients and recreational enthusiasts without registration, fee, fine, regulation, license, or penalty. Insurance companies could be required to cover prescribed cannabis. Commercial cannabis businesses could be required to provide free cannabis to low income, handicapped, and senior medical patients. Hemp packaging could be required on commercial products. State universities could be funded to research cannabis medical benefits and hemp technologies. Hemp and cannabis products could be promoted as safe alternatives to toxic products and pharmaceuticals. Cannabis could be removed from state controlled substance scheduling. All negative cannabis laws could be repealed and true cannabis legalization and freedom could be returned to the people of this state as it was 100 years ago and prior without government interference. Over course the bread butterers, string pullers, green rollers will never allow this because they must protect us from ourselves, or could iit be a continuation of greed, racism, and hysteria that created the negative cannabis laws less than 100 years ago and are still used against those who associate with cannabis today?