An Incomplete History of the Weird Stuff That Has Spilled on Seattle Highways



These unfortunate semi spills happen because those drivers drive way too fast. Secondary, some drivers act like they are in an Indy 500. Eat an edible and be safe out on I 5.



You also have to factor in the rampant fatigue problem experienced by truckers, particularly long-haulers, who are often pushed beyond the limits of physical endurance by unmanageable schedules. Falling asleep behind the wheel of a 48 foot semi rig doing 60 mph is a recipe for disaster.

But in any case, as spectacular as these recent incidents may be, they'll never hold a candle to the Great Seattle Syrup Spill of 1947.


At least it wasn't hagfish like in Oregon.


Just once, I'd like to be following the Fort Knox truck
where the driver forgot to shut the door all the way
and the gold bars were EVERYWHERE.

Or maybe a vanilla milkshake spill.

Pretty sad about all those poor bees.
(Do they get State Industrial?)
I hope they didn't hafta pollinate
all those almonds
by hand.


"Eat an edible and be safe out on I 5."

Sounds like really, really very poor advice to me.
Why not just pop a pitcher of 190 octane Daiquiris behind the seat?
(for medicinal purposes only) You'll be so relaxed when TheCrash happens,
you'll barely get a scratch. Everybody else? Well, thoughts and prayers are sometimes the best we can do.

Happy Motoring!.


Loved your caption: who did this

Isn’t this (traffic nightmares) (wasting time) (sitting around idling, trapped in four thousand pound machines) about the stupidest thing we could have engineered ourselves into? Oh and now the Multinational Oil Corps are giving us the shaft. Thanks, Obama!