The look of man who is Up To Something
The look of man who is Up To Something. Paras Griffin/Courtesy of Getty Images
Donald Glover? He's up to something. For those of you blissfully unaware, today marks the first day of the first weekend of Coachella, that giant music festival down in California responsible for giving us this video of Rihanna and Travis Scott dancing to Ariana Grande. Glover, who won four Grammys this year for his controversial and in this writer's opinion altogether just fine track "This is America," is set to perform tonight at the festival under his rap nom de guerre Childish Gambino.

We also learned this week that he will be dropping a whole-ass new Childish Gambino movie at the festival called Guava Island which stars the aforementioned Rihanna, Glover himself, Letitia Wright of Black Panther fame, written by Glover's brother Stephen, and directed by longtime Atlanta alum Hiro Murai.

The film is being described as a "tropical thriller" and "an hourlong, music-driven film." According to the New York Times , the film is about Deni (Glover) a musician who thinks that music has the power to unite the squabbling citizens of his tiny island. Rihanna plays Kofi, his girlfriend. Deni runs into trouble planning a giant music festival when a shady island tycoon called Red (Nonso Anozie) wants to stop him from doing so. Apparently, there's some musical restaging and remixing of some of Gambino's biggest songs.

Vanity Fair is saying it takes inspiration from ultra-violent Brazilian flick City of God and Prince's Purple Rain. Those are pretty disparate influences if you ask me and doesn't really help me get a better sense of the project—I'm imagining right now Prince in a white frock shooting up blocks in the favelas of Rio with a wide-eyed, hairy-chested Glover running in circles. Rihanna is the drug kingpin and love interest, obviously.

The film actually premiered last night to a small audience ahead of Glover's performance tonight. Pitchfork, the New York Times, and the Hollywood Reporter were all invited to attend—The Stranger's invitation must have gotten lost in mail. But, luckily, we are in the age of streaming. In a weird move, Amazon Prime Video will be streaming Guava Island for free starting at midnight PST on Saturday for 18 hours. You don't need a Prime subscription or anything! The film will also be streaming on Twitch starting at 8pm on Saturday. God, I hope it's good.