Lawmakers Take Away LCB's Control Over Pot Labs



WA State LCB is the definition of inept apparatchik bureaucracy. Nobody could justify the salaries of the dolts who populate its ranks.
Rather than talk about getting rid of LCB, let's force a spending audit where these mandarins account for themselves and what they produce. And the decisions that lead that production. The board will dissolve itself.


Thankfully we have people like Jim MacRae and Ike Eisenberg looking out for us because the LCB has done an awful job of ensuring that cannabis products are safe and contain as few contaminants and pesticides as possible.

I hope they move the date up though, the safety of Washington's residents is a much higher priority, why should we wait another 4 or 5 years to have safe cannabis?


"Peak Analytics in Bellingham, was also unable to perform basic safety tests... "

So, the folks downstream were getting . . . WHAT, exactly?
No one fucking knows?!

Well-played, WSL&CCB.
Thanks! You deserve to lose a C.

Oh, and if there's a little Bubonic Plague going around
we'll know who to blame. Or is it whom.


æɡəmɛmnɒn dear, WSLCB is much more than a "inept apparatchik bureaucracy". It is actively evil. It has a long history of overt racism and homophobia, and a generally paternalistic attitude towards the citizens. It serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever. One of the main reasons I voted to privatize the liquor stores was because I hoped that doing that would finally kill it off. Alas, it perseveres.


Wut? When did The Stranger become MyNorthwest? Is Jason Rantz writing here too? It sounds like the LCB agreed with the legislature that this was way outside of their expertise. It also sounds like you are trying really really hard to paint this picture of awfulness. There are plenty of places the LCB fails at. Admitting that certain work goes beyond their ability and that someone else is more capable of doing a job is hardly what I would call a failure.