Slog AM: Russell Wilson Gets Largest NFL Contract in History, $339 Million Pledged to Rebuild Notre Dame, Postal Workers are Tired of Your Dogs



Notre Dame burning is a pretty good metaphor for how we're (not) taking care of Earth.


Hate to break it to you but the Seahawks ain't gonna win no matter how much money you throw at Russell.


@1 Or how how the beauty and strength of western civilization and values are being burnt to the ground by the academic left.


Notre Dame is getting a lot of attention, but there have been hundreds of catholic churches in France that have been vandalized and burned recently, it is quite a spike in incidents:

Not trying to say that this is what happened in Notre Dame, since no one knows yet, but one wonders why the French are suddenly so inclined to destroy their own churches and cultural landmarks.

Seems a bit out of bounds for the Yellow Vest types.


Ah yes, the values of expelling all the Jews and confiscating their property. Who could forget that western value.


Let's all donate to the poor Catholic Church! Wouldn't want them to have to dip into the pedophile defense fund!


Is the 404 troll "collectivism sucks"? I had actually forgotten about them until one of the sock puppets used the word collectivism for their name. We already know 404 of the loser but it's even funnier if it's one of the former regulars like the aforementioned c.s. or that homophobe with the Italian mansion or someone like that.

For the dogs, I don't think it's the postal uniform that set them off. It's the fact that they're poorly controlled pets and they are sensing that there's an intruder in their territory. These damn dog owners need to get there pets trained. If their dog bites someone's in the dog gets in trouble, too.


"She's got a way about her that's very, very bad for our country," Trump added.
I wonder what he could be referring to?


"the values of expelling all the Jews and confiscating their property"

Are you talking about your friends in Hamas and Hezbollah or Stalin and the National SOCIALISTS??


I only hope that as people mourn the loss of a piece of history they can reflect on how important it is to protect the things we love, especially when we can never get them back coughclimatechangecough


@10 Don't forget the starving Ethiopians.


Oof, another homeschooled chud that's never heard of King Philip IV but wants to act like he's a "Student of History".


Oh, and the crusaders brought the design for Notre Dame back from Syria. So maybe its not a great example of the beauty and strength of western civilization.


@13 If you have to go back 7 centuries to find issues, you may not like any civilization on earth.

Luckily for you though, you choose to live in Western Civilization.


Amazon has now problem shelling out bucks to buy politicians. Paying their fair share of taxes? Nah....


@15 Well, when Westerners start trying to swim across the Mediterranean to live in the Mideast or Africa, rather than simply holidaying on their beaches, let me know.

Everyone knows civilization started first in the Mideast. Of course, it also stopped there first.


@18 no problem, not "now"


Anyone who takes this much pride in the "Civilization" they were born into surely hasn't contributed anything to that "Civilization".


what better way to demonstrate your cultural superiority than by spending your days burning through troll accounts for the chance to mildly annoy people you don’t know


@21 Sorry sir, western civilization and values are universal, not based on race anymore as it is in most of the world. Just look at our fabulous last President Obama, no better spokesman for the greatness of our culture. From the Reformation to the Age of Enlightenment to today, the West has led the way. It's why people risk life and limb to get here and I welcome then if they accept our values.


Who eats roses?


then who knows, or cares, what roses taste like?


@29 Aren't you quite the perpetually angry fellow.


As I predicted, the near destruction of an icon of human civilization would be reduced down to mindless bitching about how horrid the West is.


Shorter Shoreline: if someone wants to kill you because you criticize Trump, you were asking for it.


it comes from years of being pussywhipped by his momma...


@26: Please don't be so graphically vulgar.


2 maybe not but they definitely wouldn't win if they didn't keep Russell. They aren't going to get anybody better at this point. With Russell they can be a playoff team. Without Russell they are rotting kelp.


@36 Along with capitalism, the Rights of Man, democracy, rational thinking, individualism, industrial technology, human rights, the corporation, ending slavery, womens' rights and medical science.

Do you think those things sprung from Constantinople, Timbuktu, or Peking??


Of course, I don't think the West can apologize enough for Marxism.


The West.
Thee Best.

Love it
or Leave it.

Write, el Socko?


@40 That's odd. Last time I was in Paris I had a wonderful Senegalese Uber driver telling me how much he wanted to move to the USA like one of his cousins had, because socialism was destroying France and giving him no opportunities.

As I said, not all of the West's ideas have been good, Marxism being one of the worst.


That signing bonus is absurd. He could blow out his knee in August and have his career end.


"Love it or Leave it."

How is that different from anywhere else on the planet? I don't see you packing up and moving to Khartoum.


Of course, the odd thing about Marxism is that despite being one of the worst Western ideas, it's been the one most enthusiastically embraced by the Third World.


"we love america. And Western Civilization"

Awesome. Now go make that into a T-shirt and walk around Seattle in it.


@GermanSausage, your trigger happy rage is what makes you so delicious to the 404s. The resulting reverberation is exhausting.


That Liberalism has nothing to do with The Left in America today.
And it was the GOP that ended Slavery in the US of A.


"we love america. And Western Civilization. That's why we despise america-hating trash like you who are committed to ruining it."

@48 Dude, you sound like a Trump supporter. I think you just got played.


@38 Honestly I'd prefer rotting kelp than making Russell the embarrassing face of our team. He's a mediocre player who helped win a single Superbowl and somehow that makes him worth more than any other football player in history? I think his anonymity provided us great opportunities but now his notoriety will just make him an easy target.


I hope, really hope, that there was some sort of penalty in #3's contract for that interception he threw to lose the super bowl. How on earth can you make that throw. And now he's the highest paid player.


Yes, Wilson's contract is ground-breakingly expensive. But the Seahawks have had a good run, and are marketable now
Mention the words 'Brian Bosworth' or 'Stan Gelbaugh' to a long time Seahawks fan, and watch them run out of the room, screaming.


The Boz was as good as Bo Jackson or Walter Payton in the original Texmo Bowl.

Granted, the Seahawks were fucking pink, but I could cover the entire field with the top right linebacker and block nearly every field goal and most PATs.


@57 Stan Gelbaugh. Now there is a blast from the past. The D that year wasn't too bad. Didn't Tez win defensive player of the year? They were 2-14 if memory serves me and one of those victories was against New England, who also ended the year 2-14. They had #1 pick, Hawks had #2. NE chose Drew Bledsoe, Hawks chose Rick Meier. This is how it used to be. Hard to believe it is the same franchise.


55: “He's a mediocre player”

Based on what statistics? Compared to whom?


Super Bowl XLIX was robbed from the SeaHawks.
You know, they won the total yards offense, 396 to 377.
The Pats were not legitimate champs....


"Love it or Leave it."

Yeah, it's actually an old anti-Protesters -Hippies and anti-Vets-against-Viet-Nam sorta thing where if you express the slightest criticism of your Homeland, you must therefore Hate it,Traitor, and therefore, it assumes, you must now Leave it.

It's Republican Political Correctness, once used to stifle any Dissension amongst the masses: "If you think you can stand there and bitch about MY Country, fucker, then you can just get The Hell OUT of it." Coupled with a very complicit, far-right-tilting FBI (and the War on Drug Users), (and on Black People) it was an enormous Help to the NeoCons, reactionaries and assorted fascists back in the Days..

The dick Cheney, clever sadist that he is, also employed it in the Run-up to the War on the Iraqii people. He said, "If you're not with US, you're (OBVIOUSLY) with the Terrorists." And off he'd extrordinairly Rendition them, to be tortured (or whatever) at dick's Pleasure.

Thanks, Julian!*

(Oddly, those preferring '2nd Amendment solutions' aren't typically all that accepting of the First fucking Amendment. Not when other people's damn 'Free Speech' makes people laff at them and/or confronts them with their cognitive dissonance.)

*remember all them Gitmo Pics?


61 the pats are never legitimate champs. Every year. It's just like, their opinion, man.