Its like this except high-tech, app-controlled, air-conditioned, and has germ-killing UV lights.
It's like this except high-tech, app-controlled, air-conditioned, and has germ-killing UV lights. Kichigin/Getty Images

Traffic camera bill is alive in Olympia: A bill that would place automated cameras at crosswalks and bus lanes to catch the drivers blocking them has passed the House in Olympia. That's big for all of us bus commuters and, hopefully, it's big for those of us who think we're above the law when we're in a car. The messaging behind the bill is that transit cannot be as effective if designated lanes are being blocked by single-occupancy vehicles and that blocking crosswalks impedes pedestrians and people using wheelchairs. The Republican argument against the bill was that the rules would be "confusing" for "those of us from the country."

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Kent carjacking turns into a homicide investigation: Jared Sperling, 38, had his truck stolen at a storage facility on Monday. His truck turned up outside an apartment complex Tuesday. It had a body in the trunk. Police believe the body is Sperling's.

A Pullman plane crash: A single-engine plane made a crash landing in Pullman today. The pilot was unable to deploy the landing gear and the plane skidded on the runway and into the grass at Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport. The two people onboard were not injured. They were headed to Washington State University for Mom's Weekend.

Happy 4/20 from Cheech, Chong, and… the Puyallup Tribe? The Puyallup Tribe is opening their second weed store in Tacoma. Commencement Bay Cannabis (the second one) opened on April 10, but the grand opening will be this weekend. The stores help to create job opportunities for the tribe and money generated from them go toward "education, training, and support for thousands of tribal citizens.” Cheech and Chong, notorious stoners and comedians, will help kick off the festivities on Saturday.

Facebook still hasn't figured out its political ad ban in Washington: One city council candidate was banned from posting political ads on Facebook. Her competition wasn't. Many of the candidates who are still posting ads say that they assume the ads will get taken down eventually, but it shouldn't be on them to do it, it should be on Facebook to enforce the ban. Allowing some candidates to have ads and ban others is a huge problem.

Breakfast on the go: This is a bad move. Just think what this could turn into if she were to crash and spill the cereal all over her car's interior.

We're getting tiny houses for dogs: New app-based dog houses are coming to Seattle. The smart dog houses will be placed outside shopping centers and their basic function is to give dog owners a space to put their dog while they shop. They're air-conditioned. They have germ-killing UV lights. I can't believe there's an actual company (DogSpot) that has made high tech dog houses their bread and butter. Or, that we're going to have designated (fancy) shelters for dogs but not for the people living on the streets.

Maybe a smattering of rain:

ICE deported a U.S. veteran's widow: A judge ultimately reversed the deportation order, but not before Gonzalez Carranza was deported to Mexico. Carranza's wife was a soldier who died in combat in Afghanistan in 2010. Their 12-year-old daughter stayed with her grandparents while Carranza was sent to Mexico.

Oldest blood in the world found: A recently uncovered Ice Age foal was frozen in permafrost. It's the best preserved animal ever uncovered. The blood in its heart was still liquid! After 42,000 years! The animal likely drowned in mud that froze and turned into permafrost. With this prehistoric blood, scientists could clone this little guy. But should they? We've all seen Jurassic Park.

Look at this brutal nutmeg against this Man U defender: Messi destroyed Manchester United in the Champions League. He scored two goals in 20 minutes.

White South Carolina man tried to hire someone to kill his black neighbor: The 26-year-old man wanted to hire a hitman to "kill his black neighbor, hang him from a tree, and leave a burning cross in his yard," according to a New York Times report. So, he reached out to a white supremacist group to find the person for the job. An unidentified source tipped off the FBI that it was happening. The man ended up trying to hire an undercover FBI agent to kill his neighbor, offering to pay $500. After paying the first $100, the man was arrested. He will see 10 years of prison time.

Don't you want these robodogs to step on you? I know the robot uprising is inevitable, just get it over with.