It is just the next logical step in Leftist Political Correctness Tyranny.
The next but not the last.


@1 you should consider reading the article before you comment


How does one reconcile "the memory hole" with "the internet never forgets"? I mean, here we are reading excerpts from Mr. O’Neil’s piece and all, so I’d say the memory hole has some holes of its own wouldn't you? Is it even possible to scrub something completely in this day and age?


@3 - Fair point, it may not be possible to fully scrub something (although the Chinese are doing a damn good job at it). But it is enough to remove the authoritative source, promulgate whispering campaigns (see @1), and sow enough doubt, confusion, and noise to effectively drown things at the bottom of the pond. Allow "fringe" channels discuss whatever they want, one can always label them "Leftist Political Correctness Tyranny" (whatever tf that even means) and shout them down. The memory hole is effective enough for the controlled Public Discourse.

In the Age of Information, creating a complete white-out blinds everyone just as well as the Dark Ages achieved via knowledge withholding & control.


@4: Thank you!


Pamela Anderson. Forever.


"The media’s job is to document what is happening in the world, and when we memory-hole published work, we are failing that very fundamental task."

"He who owns the past controls the future." --more Orwell

"In Orwell’s dystopia, it was a top-down directive from the government to rewrite the past. In our current dystopia, you don't need Big Brother. Corporate media is doing it in their place."

Soon enough, Mega Corps LLC™ will own a controlling interest in Big Brother.

Republicans sold their Souls for nice piles of siver or shares or
steak knives or whatever. Sad. Welcome to hell, inc.



... all brought to us by the kock (krotch?) bros (llc, naturally) (cough, cough), The Addledsons, and under full protection from Murdock, facts-free FOX TeeVee.


@3 is right -- it hasn't disappeared, proven by it being cited in this story. An organization regretting something being published and removing it is not the same as attempting to make it seem as though it never existed. And let's be honest -- pissing in people's food is just a shitty thing to do, and a shitty thing to advocate, for the reasons cited in the article but also because then the other side does it, and nobody wants to eat out. I'm surprised the people at the Globe let it fly the first time around.

And I totally regret slipping that cop a booger in his sandwich when I worked at that cafe in Bellevue when I was 17.

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