Human Composting Bill Passes in Washington State



Seems so reasonable that I'm surprised it passed.


Not the teeth.
They never decompose, anyway.
Those are pulled out and sold to China.
Their rich folks are crazy about dentures made out of real American teeth.



Is that why you always sound like you're in the process of gumming an over-ripe banana?


You can't seem to get us out of your head.
You aren't going to start charging us rent, are you?



Ah, we're back to the "royal 'we'" again, are we? You just can never seem to let go of that, can you? I guess it makes sense, given you're the comment troll embodiment of Dissociative Identity Disorder. But, if imagining me imagining you is what you need to climax down there in the dank darkness of your mom's basement, who am I to deny you that furtive pleasure? So, suck that banana, SUCK IT! Just remember to throw that semen-stained sock in the washer before she gets home - you know how much she hates running across those, right? ;)


It is so awkward for the rest of us when you go off projecting...


@1: I'm not so surprised. This is further proof that good things keep happening in Washington State with a Democratic legislative majority.
@2, @4, & @6: Stop inhaling nitrous oxide and mistaking industrial waste for a reliable food source before your brain completely turns to mush.


@7. Lol, hey Grizelda. Kind of stuck on the "nitrous oxide", "industrial waste", and something about "MAGA hat too tight" responses? Come on! Read stale for the 200th time you typed those out. Maybe your combo of tinfoil/pussy hat has a side effect of preventing any original thought. Use your head for once, and whatever speck of indoctrinated brain you have in there. :). Oh nevermind... Your head is stuck so far up your ass that there is no way to tell which of the two you pull out your responses from.


come on, be nice;
auntie likes to vent when she gets plastered and she is mostly harmless....


I defy the Washington state government to stop me from composting when I take my dirt nap.


Well anyway, I have cancer and I hope I have more than 2 years left so I can do this when I die.