These guys rock harder than this picture suggests.
These guys rock harder than this picture suggests. Shervin Lainez

There are plenty of things you can do to mark your 4/20 “holiday,” but staying in shouldn’t be one of them. It’s Saturday night! Toke up and get the hell out of the house. Might I suggest an evening with Staten Island–spawned Daptone Records–repped Budos Band?

Outdoor Performing Arts Festival featuring over 100 artists, food trucks, a beer garden and more!
Celebrate the return of the live arts in a safe, outdoor setting. Capitol Hill, Sep. 18-19.

The instrumental ensemble are groove-hawkers of the nth degree, synthesizing funk, psychedelic soul, and Afrobeat with hard and greasy psych rock, all built on ominous organ swells, heavy-driving low end, an urgent trumpet-and-bari-sax attack, and slinking, surging, striding, and roiling rhythms washed in hand percussive textures and rinsed in ’70s vintage warmth. It’s the sort of music you want cued up as your own personal baddest-bitch-on-the-block soundtrack, music that will make your walking down the street feel purposeful and righteous as fuck.

This tour supports their 2019 fifth LP, The Budos Band V. RIYL: Anitbalas, Adrian Younge, Shuggie Otis. This show is officially sold out, however, you can always find tickets if you try hard enough. Some media below to encourage you to do it.

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