What are we supposed to do now?
What are we supposed to do now? Callan Berry

We don’t really do a lot of teary goodbyes at The Stranger, but we also don’t usually have to say goodbye to someone like Callan Berry.


“But Ryan, I thought Callan stopped drawing Police Reports Illustrated months ago!” you exclaim.

Well, dear Slog commenter, what you may not know is that Callan’s managed our product and support teams at Bold Type Tickets (the local ticket platform owned and operated with The Stranger) for three years, and we would have been lost without him. He’s an unflinching friend, a brilliant product manager, and the most talented creative mind I know. Now, he’s headed to Google, beginning a phase in which Associate Editor Eli Sanders will send him Signal messages weekly “just in case,” Digital Editor Chase Burns will continue to send him NSFW GIFs on a private Slack team, and Music Calendar Editor Kim Selling will continue living her life as usual, entirely unperturbed.

Since he started as an intern in 2013, Callan changed local journalism forever. Who can forget impactful community journalism like ‘Fois Gras Tastes Like Cat Food’, exposés like ‘Poll: Godamnit, Did I Fuck Up Meeting Macklemore?’, and highly technical explainer pieces like ‘So You’re The Bad Boy Who Moved Here For Amazon’? He, and he alone, has upheld the Fourth Estate in Seattle; you’re welcome for providing his paycheck. Tens of people read these articles, and I believe it is each and every one of them who will one day change the world.

Slog posts have to be submitted in crayon and I’m almost out of Crayola Purple Heart (seriously, Purple fucking Heart is a real color in the top 10 most popular Crayola colors as of 2000), so let’s get to the good stuff. There are hundreds of Police Reports Illustrated comics available in our archive and Callan’s website, but the following seven are unequivocally, indisputably the best. I simply won’t have you head to the comments to tell me which others you prefer, so definitely don’t try that.

7. Viper Vexation Clogs Commode

Callan Berry

6. Man Runs Off With Hundreds of Dollars Worth of Cologne

Callan Berry

5. Like It, Love It, Will Commit Assault For It

Callan Berry

4. Special Edition: Man Provides Critique of The Stranger

Callan Berrty

3. Rapper and Hot Dog Vendor Feud In Parking Lot

Support The Stranger

2. Man Dicks Around Outside Hospital

Callan Berry

1. Horton Hears A Slur

Callan Berry

The Stranger, Bold Type Tickets, and the rest of our crew are all going to miss you, Callan. Good luck out there, and if you’re ever feeling like stress-scribbling a fucked up cartoon about crime one morning, Slog is here for you.

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