Slog PM: Amazon Throws Shade at Big Liz, Glossier Comes to Capitol Hill, Trump Has Urgent White House Meeting About Twitter Follower Count



Stupid Michigan asshole just made it impossible for people to tell if a parking control officer has started keeping tabs on your car.


Damn activist judges.



OK, but... what's wrong with just paying money to leave your car there? And, like, not have to worry about meter maids?


Chalking your car tire is a search? A form of trespassing? Can't wait to see all the calls to the police from people complaining that someone leaned/is leaning on their car and thus trespassing. It sounds absurd, but trust me, there are plenty of absurd folks out there.

As an aside, am I a terrible person if the Easter Bunny Beatdown made my day?


You realize you don't actually get an extra hour of sunlight, right?


It will also be very treacherous for folks catching buses on icy streets from 7 to 9am in winter months.


"who built the overrated and underwhelming SR 99 Tunnel"

Why is it necessary to insert obnoxious comments like this into your reporting?


Anything involving Trumpty Dumpty and / or featuring glaring images or Trumpty Dumpty are my two main reasons for avoiding Twitter altogether.


Forget the dump--I'd chip in to fire Trumpty Dumpty into outer space, provide it goes one way and never returns to what's left of planet Earth.
@4 Morty: Easter Bunny Beatdown? Bad cop--no Golden Cadbury Eggs for you!
I'm veering off-topic, Morty, but I do enjoy it whenever I see your avatar next to that of DonnyKlicious, whose avatar is that of Bill the Cat. I wish he'd comment here.


That Easter Bunny is some Vigilante!
Pretty sure he's Lissa's avater irl.

@7 -- you get what you pay for.
This isn't PBS brought to you by the Kocks
and Monsatan.


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey -- looks like a Commie!
How has America sunk so Low...

So, when can we expect the men with large
nets to fumigate the White House proper?
Before Impeachment?

If we wait too long, we'll be in another War with Iran
and prolly Venezeula. Not to mention
Little uppity Rocket Man...

Hey, Canada's Socialist, aren't they?
We could save a lot of gas, if we just bomb them.
Teach THEM not to pull any Socialist Shit on OUR Continent.


@8: That's like saying you don't go on the internet because of pornography. You don't have to see the ugly tweeters if you don't want to.


@10 kristofarian: Yeah---where are Lissa and her carnivorous lop when we need 'em, dammit?
@12: That's like saying you don't go to school because you're afraid of actually learning something, sugarlips. Your triglycerides are running dangerously high again, aren't they? Get immediate help if you feel dizzy. And get off those Cocoa Puffs before the high fructose corn syrup kills you.


Easier to just take note of where the valve stems on the tires are, really.

No chalk to carry, and no constitutional issues to worry about.


@13: Totally expected from the cartoon lady.


We live in bizarro world. I can't wait till trump meets with the CEO of Panasonic because his VCR keeps blinking 12:00. I wonder if he even dresses himself in the morning.


@10 & 13: Awww you two are sweet. It is true that though I be but little I am fierce :)


@16 - I hate to encourage either your compulsion or your writing, considering the stain on the eyes and the mind that both constitute, but ... I'm pretty sure you're trolling the wrong thread. Facile and execrable, we've come to expect, but you're rarely so deliriously off-topic.


@6 - we already get up in the dark in wintertime here. An hour difference in the morning is not going to have any influence at all on the dreaded icy streets you cite. It's about damn time we got rid of the 4:30 sunsets in December.


@21: Are you feeling ok?




Um ... Sure ... ?

Maybe you only saw my response after #16 was deleted. Seeing it now all alone, it may be confusing. But if you'll note, your comment is #15, so I wasn't talking to you anyway.

My guess is that it was the umpteenth incarnation of Seattleblues, or whichever reactionary neckbeard might just as well be Seattleblues. For the record, it was some tripe about identifying as Napoleon.



"It's about damn time we got rid of the 4:30 sunsets in December."

I dunno. I used to love having to come inside cause it was getting too dark out at 4:15 on a chilly dark drizzly (some might say) dreary western Washington December day. Besides, after the 22nd, the days get longer. . . .

Btw -- who gets up before 9 or 10 these days?
Frankly, it's Uncivilized.


@25: Ah yes, that was the source of my confusion, I had not noticed that #16 was scrubbed.

Carry on, and I am happy to see you are doing well!


@17: Are you still binge-watching Speed Racer while slurping Cocoa Puffs, sugarlips? Or was it Rocky and Bullwinkle? lol
@20 Lissa: However little and fierce you are, we're glad you're here. :)
@26 kristofarian: I know, right? On a brighter note, I love being wakened by the sun during the spring and summer months. Darkness at 4:30 pm puts me into hibernation mode.


How about we carry chalk in our autos
and chalk the fuck out of our tires
Before the po-po does?


@29 -- Not that I might ever Endorse such actions...