From Master Musicians of Jajouka to Pizzagate—an Interview with Old Time Relijun's Arrington de Dionyso



"At one time, all music was 'trance music'...."
Why not just say, "'trance music' has been used throughout human history to..." instead of making up something patently stupid and blurting it out? Oh, head-charge, that's right.


I guess because I didn't have a chance to chat with you before typing out my answers, Zapotec. I'm very sorry to disappoint you.


I'm not sure, Zapotec, why you need to be walked through the distinction between a categorical statement regarding history and a historically informed expression of hyperbole by an artist to evoke a sense of purpose, but really, some weed or sex or a good nap might help ease this pointless tension.

On some level, the locus of all performative art is ecstatic. Not every extrapolation from this working theory will be factual, but some that aren't may still be "true" in the ways that matter to art, and enlivening in ways that may be useful to humanity.


Glad to see OTR is back in action. Been a fan since Uterus and Fire.