The red keys mean that this computer activity is NEFARIOUS.
The red keys mean that this computer activity is NEFARIOUS. zefart/Getty Images

Slog PM tonight is brought to you by Special Dark European-Style Lager by Matchless: Perfect for a spring day! Lester Black got it from Vine Street Market. The owner recommended he take this beer out of any beer in the shop. According to Kim Selling, Music Calendar Editor at The Stranger, it tastes like you should be eating a turkey leg with it.
Lester Black in action!
Lester Black in action! Nathalie Graham

There are hints of old barbecue sauce and coffee.


The Boeing 737 Max might be getting cleared for flight soon: Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! But only if they've been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA might be giving Boeing the all-clear to get those woe-begotten (and ill-fated) planes back in the sky sometime next month or early June. That's a lot faster than analysts originally expected. If the planes get cleared that would mean that Boeing has properly modified a software fix for the new flight-control system.

House Republicans are reviewing this whole Matt Shea thing: Shea, the Republican representative from Spokane, came under fire earlier this week for a series of text messages where he threatened to spy on political adversaries. The House Republicans said that they will conduct a review on this, but that getting the budget decided takes precedent. Democrats have called for Shea's removal.

Still no explanation on mysterious Tukwila power pole collapse: Remember earlier this month when 26 power poles up and collapsed, injuring two people in a car and littering the streets with live wires? Yeah, I know, how could you forget? Anyway, there are still no answers! And newly-released security camera footage highlights some perplexing details pointed out by the Seattle Times, some of the poles fall normally—you know, like swaying and falling as if someone yelled 'Timber!'—but others just... snap from the middle. HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS.

The fight to save the Showbox is still happening: And it seems like it will keep happening. There's a rumored six-month stay in the legal fight between the city of Seattle and the owner of the building. The owner's attorneys approached the city with the stay, according to a new Crosscut report. Really it seems like this would just be stalling for time in case a hero with deep pockets swoops in to buy the property.

We're in for a nice weekend:

HOV violations could get more expensive: If this proposed Senate bill passes then habitual carpool lane cheaters will be feeling the pain in their wallets. Under the bill, the original fine would be higher than it is now. That would be $186. But, if drivers are caught again the fine would rise to $336 for the second offense. The third (and any time after that within 2 years)? Get ready... $686!

Kansas Supreme Court sides with abortion: State laws be damned, the Kansas Supreme Court said that the state constitution protects the right to an abortion. This was the result of challenges to the 2015 law that banned a common second-trimester abortion procedure where the fetus is evacuated. But, as the constitution states, a person has "the right to control one’s own body, to assert bodily integrity, and to exercise self-determination."

The Russians are going to meddle again: According to Christopher A. Wray, F.B.I. director. Wray said that Russian meddling has become a persistent threat and that the FBI has made defense systems created to protect the 2018 midterms a permanent thing. The way Wray puts it, 2018 was just the dress rehearsal and 2020 is the main event.

Someone is hacking e-scooters to yell rude things at riders: Australian Lime scooters are saying rude and offensive things to riders after some people swapped the audio files on the scooters. The comments were of the sexual variety.

Meanwhile, Slack is worried about hackers of all kinds! Slack filed an S-1 securities registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission. In it, Slack said that it faces all kinds of hacking threats from your run-of-the-mill hackers to "nation-states" and “sophisticated organized crime" hacking. They've got some defenses but who knows what can be breached! Careful what you Slack cause maybe Russia will read your DMs one day.

Sri Lanka is still searching for suspects involved in the massacre that killed 253: Sri Lanka is searching for potential sleep cell agents that could trigger another spate of attacks in the wake of the Easter Sunday bombings. The government has implemented curfews across several cities. Raids revealed a cache of explosives and ISIS flags and uniforms were discovered in a house in Samanthurai. A major search operation is going to be conducted and the president said every house in the country will be checked.

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Boy thrown off the Mall of America balcony is doing okay: The five-year-old boy was tossed off the third-floor balcony of the mall by a stranger earlier this month. He is now reportedly alert and conscious according to the family. He is expected to be released from the hospital in June. The suspect, meanwhile, has been charged with attempted murder.

Holy shit:

Headline of the week: Automaker Daimler Says It Has No Idea How Kim Jong Un Got Hold of Its Armored Limos