Slog PM: Thousands Stranded in Washington Hospitals, Shooting in North Carolina, Mueller Objected to Barr's Report



When you Google “Seattle crane accident,” the first three pages are all links to “Frasier” episodes.


Turning on closed captioning on televisions in public spaces seems perfectly fine to me but—and forgive my ignorance here, have the hearing impaired been under the mistaken impression that those televisions have had the sound on this whole time?


@2: Priceless

I loathe the day we actually see those awful Amazon contraptions rolling along our sidewalks. I suppose it does multiple delivers in a single trip, or is just one?


Venezuela! Wonderful Utopia that is Communist Venezuela is on a brink of civil war? Who knew Communism/Socialism was so wonderful? Not as if that every communist nation in the history of the planet was always such a wonderful place to live! People starving, economy in ruins, now the civil war? How wonderful!

As far as the Jussie Smollett problem goes, what do you mean "allegedly a hate crime"? What the fuck is this "allegedly"? The evidence is clear as day, so there is no fucking "allegedly". Good riddance to that POC who turned out to be a POS. Hope he gets busted by the Feds.


Robot jaywalking sounds awesome.


Not sure I like that closed captioning rule.
This summer will be Women World Cup soccer, so I assume that means that every bar carrying the games will have to have it on?
Hate to whine, but it is distracting.
We all just accept these little annoyances, these little intrusions like stickers on our fruit and sku's stapled onto our lumber.


Pay attention to Venezuela. First, the US is prepared to intervene there, on the side of the challenger. Second, we can see it as a rehearsal for what Trump and the GOP intend if he loses the 2020 election; he's already saying he won't accept defeat.


@7 -- And a little 'winnable' War'd be the Perfect Distraction for a weak, angry, terrified little manchild who couldn't possibly tell the Truth even if it'd be better for him -- and he's about to be Investigated.

So, wag that Dog, hombre!


i would like to treat those robot the same way Philadelphia treated the hitch hiking robot.


Maduro's regime in Venezuela: corrupt, incompetent, autocratic. Tragedy for the good people of that country. And Russia, Cuba, China, and the US all with agendas there and, undoubtedly, agents and spies. Hoping it works out... not confident it will. Should never have reached this point...


@2 I'd be willing to bet it's cable companies/advertisers who pushed this lame law through.


Love, love, love any time Jussie Smollett gets a mention, if only because it's a guaranteed trigger for Teehee moron @4, Jackay and Screaming into Night shitbrains. I'm actually contemplating starting up a gofundme campaign to lure the dude out to Seattle to run for a city council seat, if only because it'd send those dude's into a state of permanent conniptic paralysis. And just what if he won?!? I mean him and Sawant could surely instill a totalitarian socialist mob to bring Venezuela to Seattle at last!


@5 dvs99: Hopefully it won't cause any additional traffic accidents.
@8 kristofarian: I can't wait for Trumpty Dumpty's Great Fall. Hopefully Dencey Pencey ad nauseum will all go down with him, like the dumb-inoes they are.


@12: You have your opinions, and they have theirs. They're all valid and have equal weight as long as they're based on facts.


@8 Wag the dog is a good explanation because ground support for Guaido's coup is so far underwhelming.


@2: Yes--I can't recall the sound ever being up for TV's in bars, especially since the multiple sets aren't tuned to the same channel except under rare circumstances.


@14 as if rightwing trolls spewing about Jussie Benghazi Pocahonta Smollett for another 2 years in Stranger comment sections was warranted by facts rather than stupid propaganda.



About time they turned on the French language closed captions on American TV channels!

... wait ... English captions? WTF?



It's that "based on facts" that rather makes the case, doesn't it?