Sea Serpent will be on display at James Harris Gallery tonight
Sea Serpent by Akio Takamori is among the works that will be on display at James Harris Gallery tomorrow night. Courtesy of the Gallery

The late Seattle ceramicist Akio Takamori breathed a different kind of life into his figurative sculptures—they somehow feel drawn, composed not of earthenware or clay, but of pigment and ink. They sometimes remind me of the softness, the pliability of my favorite dolls.

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Born and raised in Japan, Takamori’s largely autobiographical work engaged the history of both Eastern and Western aesthetics, and the themes of cultural identity that ricochet between them and through him. Our previous visual art critic Jen Graves profiled Takamori and his work a few times before he died—you should read the one where she discusses his series on sculptures of men apologizing.

To Be Human, his seventh show at the James Harris Gallery, focuses not only on some of Takamori's sculptures, but on some of his prints as well. Also on display will be a collection of some of his earliest prints and two he made before passing in 2017. Pieces from the two mediums with be paired together in conversation with one another. The gallery will be open from 6 to 8 pm. Slide through!

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