UW College Republicans Are Holding an "Affirmative Action Bake Sale" with Prices Based on Race and Gender



Forget horseshoe theory, it's full-on ring theory.


The hat and the institution=incongruous. John Carlson must be so proud.


this should end well


Republican affirmative action is buying your way into Stanford for 6.5 million.


this stunt has been going on for years now. We get it. Some people find the hypocrisy in affirmative action repulsive, others find the hypocrisy necessary to make up for repulsive things that happened in the past.


@5 - And a blend of the two.


Affirmative action = discrimination. Period.


Has anyone actually read the new law? No? The standard is high to take any extra action to appoint/award based on a protected class, and even then the protected class can’t be the sole basis - no quotas, no preferencial treatment. There would need to be a study establishing the disproportionality based on past discrimination. So this UW bake sale has some work to do before they can “legally discriminate,” as they characterize it. I hope they get sued.


Affirmative action is like a potato tossed in Bouillabaisse to absorb excess salt. Once all the flavors are able to start competing equally again, the potato can be removed.


Their frontal lobes are not fully developed so this childish action seems appropriate.


@11: The Chinese lead from the glue in that MAGA hat isn't going to help matters either.


"Chevy"...'nuff said.


Oh Young Republicans. A better example of a group trying to re-litigate the injustice they suffered in kindergarten when told that, yes, they WOULD have to share, or no story time for them, could not possibly be found….


I'd never heard this term "horseshoe theory," referenced @1 and so googled the term. It was auto suggested that I do "horsewhoe theory politics," and so I did. The resulting page contained about half a dozen hits explaining the term, half a dozen more debunking it, and none supporting it. I also googled ring theory, which is far more interesting. From Wikipedia... "In algebra, ring theory is the study of rings—algebraic structures in which addition and multiplication are defined and have similar properties to those operations defined for the integers."



Kids, is this what you want to be doing with your time? What exactly are you standing up for here?


Actual Freedom means, you don't hafta sell it to
whomever you don't fucking wanna sell it to.

So if you don't Like the way they look* they can just keep on movin'.
"No baked good for you!" --actual bake sale verminazi

Let that Free Mkt. Decide

*judgement is in the Eye of the beholden


@18. Exactly. Just like cakes for gay weddings, right Kristofarian? :)


For horseshoe theory to apply these guys would have to be literal. It’s clearly satire to make a point against affirmative action, or at least a crude straw man version of it.


20 is the new 13. This sort of stunt is immature but what do you expect? By even writing about it you're playing right into their narrative.



You know them Verminazi
Glass houses and all that


How long until UW starts rejecting the perfect SAT scores of Asian kids because of their "personalities" like Harvard does?


@23 Not defending Havard—I don't have a dog in this hunt, but you should read the details of that case before assuming that what the plaintiffs allege is the entire story.



If you're transgender, they pay you to take it.


They do that all the time at UW, but I guess that's because they don't have a Charlottesville march that often.


If you're a Republican
you don't mind a little
toxic waste in your
baked goods.

More room for


How 'bout someone buys a cake, and smashes it in the seller's face? All while their friend is conveniently recording.


This is what happens when you have a club run by incels! It will be the only time they'll get any attention from females, poor things!

Dear UW College Repubs, a hint: if you stop being bigots, you might be less lonely.


Nathalie- you mixed up the photos for a real person named Chevy Swanson with a Getty stock photo for 'Incels on campus'.


"If you're transgender, they pay you to take it."

How much if you're a black transgendered midget with a missing limb, a lisp and self-diagnosed PTSD?


I'm sure they appreciate the publicity and attention Nathalie.

Sometimes it really is best to just ignore them.


Everyone at UW who supports affirmative action, please boycott the bake sale.

It then will be easy to spot the sexist and racist people on campus by who's buying these morally tainted goodies.


I bet the cookies suck.



Really should spin up an LLC before pulling these stunts, as 8 alludes to.

Looks like the Veteran’s Pork Alliance™ has been rendered illegal.


Poison pill.


True justice would be served if someone slipped in an undetected plate of cannibis-laced brownies and all the idiotic MAGAs got high. Regardless of the college campus, white male supremacist Trumpists are already hopeless dopes.
@9 Doofus in Shoreline: Eat a cannibis brownie and choke on it.
@12 Knat, @13: German Sausage, and @15 Lissa: I know, right? Agreed and seconded.
@14 Mr. Happy Sunshine: "Douglas C. Niedermeyer" sounds even more repulsively fitting.
@19: Stop inhaling nitrous oxide, laughing boy. We know your brain's a puddle of mush.
@27 inquiastador: I like your thinking. Said the late John Belushi: "FOOD FIIIIIIIGHT!!!!"
@28 iseult: Nailed it for the WIN. Dateless trolls playing Desperate for Dollars. Someone ought to have "Desperado" by the Eagles playing in the background during the bake sale.
@35 DOUG: I wouldn't be a bit surprised.


Somebody doesn't understand the true meaning of privilege. -_-

Also, if affirmative action helps towards making actual reparations for those the US has historically hindered, it's rather cheap. I wonder if these Rep Boys would rather hand out houses. (Something the US almost did). The two ways families build wealth are through owning property and higher education. Both of which were regularly withheld from POC even into the modern day...

Honestly if these boys are so interested in equal schooling they should be pushing the GOP to equally fund schools. As it stands rich districts (predominately white due to the previously mentioned withholding of property and education from POC) have loads of funding for their PK-12 kids, while poor districts are under funded (lower quality staff, bad ratios, program cuts, ECT). Honestly affirmative action is trying to fix the inequality of education 14 grades too late but at least it's something.


@39 Zoa, you must be mistaken. It was the Democratic majority in both houses who just undid McCleary by raising the local levy lids. If you want to blame someone for unequal funding of schools, blame those who voted aye.

Expect a ballot measure in Mercer Island immediately to raise the levy to the new max. After all, they can't have their students using year-old programming workstations.


Will they also protest that they aren’t being roofied and raped on an equal basis as a certain other demographic of their classmates?


Document it. Wide and close-up photos, all the while assuring these obviously privileged punks that this record will dog them the rest of their lives, and especially if they should run for public office.


Does affirmative action work? As far as I can tell it reliably keeps the historic "talented tenth" of Black Americans (and the similar but smaller Native American counterpart) fully represented at the best colleges. And after that shits on some Asians and some ambitious historically working class white kids. But it hasn't ever moved the needle on the bulk of the issue. Free universal preschool and universal basic income seem like far better and far more fair ways to level the playing field.


The world laughs at the american way of "getting along". As denizens of this amazingly fortunate nation we should ALL be ashamed. Just stop being all about ourselves, for once.


You all can convince yourselves that this is popular, but if it gets on the ballot it’s going to be repealed. There’s a reason this didn’t fly in California: it was basically scuttled by the Asian community there. If this does make the ballot you can bet they won’t make the mistake of having an idiot like Tim Eyman as the face of the campaign either. It’ll be Asian and Indian Americans in all the opposition ads. I suspect this may pass in Seattle but it wouldn’t surprise me if the margin is super narrow. It’ll get killed everywhere else in King Co and by huge margins everywhere else in the state except San Juan County.


I think affirmative action is an attempt to mitigate systemic prejudice in the US social structure against black americans. It seems there are two paths. One, do nothing and you guarantee systemic prejudice continues disenfranchising black americans. Or two, try something that attempts to circumvent some of the systemic prejudice. I prefer trying something that helps people rather than leave it up to fate.
And if you think prejudice doesn't happen in the workplace, keeping qualified black folks from getting white collar jobs, I was told once early in my career that hiring a black kid as my A/P clerk would only make other employees uncomfortable. That was 1998 in Portland at a fairly large wine company headquartered in california. A lesson that has stuck with me as I now go out of my way to identify young black men and women that want to pursue careers in my field and do give them preferential treatment when I'm making hiring decisions.


Thanks for that, tempur_tempur.

When one's entitled White Privilege / the Patriarchy is threatened, why on Earth would they not attack historical enemies to their entitled White Privilege / Patriarchy?

Justice, or Just US?


"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the content of their character, but by the color of their skin." - MLK.... or something like that


"White Americans must recognize that justice for black people cannot be achieved without radical changes in the structure of our society.”

"Whites, it must frankly be said, are not putting in a similar mass effort to reeducate themselves out of their racial ignorance. It is an aspect of their sense of superiority that the white people of America believe they have so little to learn. The reality of substantial investment to assist Negroes into the twentieth century, adjusting to Negro neighbors and genuine school integration, is still a nightmare for all too many white Americans…These are the deepest causes for contemporary abrasions between the races. Loose and easy language about equality, resonant resolutions about brotherhood fall pleasantly on the ear, but for the Negro there is a credibility gap he cannot overlook. He remembers that with each modest advance the white population promptly raises the argument that the Negro has come far enough. Each step forward accents an ever-present tendency to backlash.”

"These are revolutionary times. All over the globe men are revolting against old systems of exploitation and oppression, and out of the wounds of a frail world, new systems of justice and equality are being born."

-MLK.. or something like that


Claiming that those who don't believe in affirmative action are racists shows the frightening intolerance in the liberal-dominated education system, which produces students who try to suppress the free speech rights of anyone with whom they disagree.