Slog PM: Sound Transit Starts Clearing Trees, Pornhub Could Save Tumblr, That Russian Spy Whale Is Trying to Defect



How many trees were cut down to build I-5 in Washington state? How many trees were sacrificed to develop Lynnwood? In both of those instances, how many trees were planted to offset that development?


Womp womp.


@1: Lynn would know.


Clearing trees sucks for the trees being cleared. But it doesn't affect just the trees, but also all the wildlife that uses them for habitat. Squirrels, foxes, owls, bats, eagles, deer, and many more.


There's still a shitload of porn on Tumblr. Whoever's doing the sanitizing isn't working very hard at it.


I need a Beluga like that.
I'd keep him in my bath
(it's a double-wide)
and we'd have caviar!

And "UW is paving the way to 3-D printable organs"

Well, some of the brains musta got loose
and now Republicans are having a
non-Merit based Baked Sale.

Don't they test drive them, 1st?


I wish we had some legislators who would have the courage to push for opt-out organ donation, like many European countries, ie, you are presumed to have consented to organ donation unless otherwise indicated. Sure would save a lot of lives. It’s always irked me that one’s family must consent to organ donation, even if the potential donor has made their wishes known.


"A baby giraffe! At the Woodland Park Zoo! It's all happening, everyone. ... A baby giraffe was born!"

His name is JP Patches
but I like to call him Dylan.


@7 Mandatory organ harvesting.

How progressive.

Hell, why wait until people are dead:


Republicans are horrible people, but presumably some of them have perfectly serviceable organs. Mandatory organ harvesting while they are alive could solve a few problems in one swoop.....


@11 - The preference to not donate organs is probably more theological and cultural based than political, but do carry on.


This is the most courageous move by a social media platform since MySpace banned Joseph McCarthy, Mort Downey Jr. and Andrew Dice Clay.


1 pane of glass between burglars and 100 guns. Good job responsible gun shop owner!


@15: Facebook is private property, they can ban anyone they like, for any reason they like.

Just like Faux news is not required to to hire honest or intelligent commentators.



They say that having a gun is the best way to deter burglars. Maybe they figured just having guns in the store was enough.



FYI, caviar - fancy fish roe to the unsophisticated - comes from the beluga sturgeon, not the beluga whale, a mammal that generally doesn't produce more than one egg at a time.


Unsurprisingly, his attempts at creating free-verse poetry are just as pathetic as every other form of written communication he's tried, proving once again that being home schooled by a congress of Indonesian orangutans isn't the most effective form of education.


That is a naive perspective.

You shouldn't let The Troll get under your skin.


Yeah, yeah, I know, Comte, Beluga boy whales don't produce many sturgeon eggs but have you not seen the Delight at which they Consume them? Which is why we call them Beluga whales.

You never mentioned it, but do you think that's enough room for my whale? As long as we don't consume too much Caviar...

@15 -- "Facebook Banning Free Speech"
Hate Speech is now Free Speech?

"this is how Liberty dies"
The "loss" of the Freedom to lie to incite --
is that liberty a Guaranteed Right?

"to the thunderous applause of "Liberals"..."

Say, that reminds me -- the far far FAR right banning of all talk and/or discussion of the Boycott Divest Sanctions movement directed against the far far FAR right's Illegal open-air Concentration Camp for Palestians, by Isreal -- how is that Banning going, with the NeoCons and their unwavering Fealty to Free Speech (which is toooooooo fucking Expensive for most folks)?

Having any Luck?


Free-speech absolutists don’t care about the government passing laws targeting people who protest Israeli apartheid, just when private companies ban people who use their platform to spread conspiracies that incite violence and harassment towards parents whose kids were murdered. Because they are principled and intellectually honest, of course.


@11 -- I hate to generalize, but while they might have many 'servicable organs,' they're totally lacking functioning, empathetic brains; and many seem to be missing Hearts, as well.

Fortunately their Gall bladders are (usually) quite over-sized.


@18- What's yer beef with Indonesian Orangutans? Not cool! Seems if he was educated by a congress of Indonesian Orangutans, that would be the coolest things about him.


@21 --

"Media Matters, a liberal watchdog group, wrote the following in response to [Judd] Legum’s [author of the Popular Information newsletter] new reporting:

'This isn’t the first time Facebook has failed to detect policy violations by advertisers on the platform. In September, Media Matters found a series of ads from right-wing clickbait sites, conspiracy theorists, and extremists which violated Facebook’s policies on false content and discriminatory practices.

These ads included: posts from white supremacist Paul Nehlen promoting another white supremacist; anti-Muslim false news; anti-LGBT content; and 9/11 truther, QAnon, and Pizzagate conspiracy theories.'”

Good ole fb -- always Happy to sell YOU to . . . whomever.



You couldn't get under anyone's skin if you were a hypodermic syringe full of polio vaccine...


@19:That's not a perspective, that's a fact, have your mom, your teacher or some other adult explain the difference to you.


!@14 - don't worry, we of course have laws to hold the gun store responsible for the results of their carelessness. They'll be liable for whoever gets shot with the stolen guns. Of course. It only makes sense. We'd have to do it that way.

Oh, wait, no? They get off scot-free? No blame for allowing an arsenal to be easily stolen? That's right, i forget. This is 'Murica. "the right of thieves to steal arms shall not be abridged by reasonable security measures." I wonder if the guys who stole them filled out the background check forms on their way out?


@4. Correct, man must return to the cave. Enough of this “ progress”.