Boeing Field Contractors Agree to Stop Flying ICE Detainees



"used by the Trump Administration to move thousands of detained immigrants"

"Boeing Field was used to shuttle 34,400 people on their way to deportations in the last ten years"

7 of those 10 years were under Obama. I guess he gets a pass.


So ICE will just put them on very long and awful bus rides, or other dreadful alternatives, to get to the border. Chairman Dow doesn't think about the consequences of his shenanigans.


@1: he never got any credit from conservatives, did he? he enforced the immigration laws aggressively and rubes still freaked the fuck out and elected a lying sociopath.


Private companies need not participate if that’s their decision.


You have it backwards.
Conservatives never got credit for re-electing Obama.

In 2016, we chose the less toxic lying sociopath.

But, yeah @1, Obama deported many times more aliens thru the airport for almost a decade with nary a peep from Seattles hypocritical "progressives".


@6 You're so right, toxicity levels are yugely down. Not a day goes by without calm serenity in the oval office.



Your sudden (and heretofore unspoken) concern for the well-being of these people is duly noted.


It's somewhat heartening to see you FINALLY admitting that 45 IS in fact a "toxic lying sociopath". As they say, admitting there's a problem is the first step towards solving it.


@8: My roots are in New Mexico and the rich traditions of the cultures of old Spain/Mexico/pueblo natives. I've always hated the concept of a wall.

Your stereotypical misjudgment of conservatives has (had) been depriving you of the complete picture.


Great news!