El Corazon Is Probably Getting Demolished



Well, if he lied to us once already, how can we believe that he really will keep El Corazon (Graceland) around even if it is in a temporary space? This sounds like complete BS to me.


@1 Agree completely. There's a reason that typically loud nightclubs, with concerts, aren't at the foot of residential towers. If it was office space, that would be more possible, as one could imagine the two uses coexisting i.e. most workers have gone home by 9 PM, and the club can be as loud as it wants to be until 6 AM or 7 AM when workers arrive. Conversely there's no way you can sell million dollar condos, or rent multi thousand apartments, when there's going to be all that activity pretty much every night below. (Take a look at the booking, you'll see that these two venues usually have something going on... we're not talking just Friday and Saturday night.)

I suspect the owner is afraid of some sort of community or City Council activism ala The Showbox and so he's not being truthful (again).


Two clubs in a tower built for residences? Hmmm. If he lied once......??


The first time I went to the Off Ramp and got a one dollar 2am breakfast after a show, I thought Seattle was the coolest city in the world.


Its history as the former Off Ramp should grant it Historical Landmark status forever and ever.


My guess? Both clubs close forever.


@4 Hash After the Bash!


Towers can have discos too. I do not understand the problem here.


Dana's shitty band nearly burned down the Fine Line in St. Paul, Great White-style.


" “We will relocate to a temporary location while a new building is being built… and then reopen in the same location upon completion of the new building,” "

Just like Bauhaus coffee, and B&O Espresso, and probably the Showbox, and so many others in the same situation, with the same hope... they'll never return.

What tower owner wants a gaggle of juggalos padding around the foot of their building anytime ICP or affiliated groups play? I personally think juggalos are righteous, but the FBI and "property owners" don't.
Show me one 20-40 story tower --recently built-- with a venue hosting punk rock shows.
Just one.

@11 - Dude, you care so much! I'm so glad you opened your garage and back yard to those 6 --or is it 10?-- homeless folk! Sharing your own shower on the daily. Helping those people get the foothold they need. You're doing the Lord's work. Bless you. Bless your heart.

@6 - Au contraire: You've obviously never been inside, the escape routes are significantly large and immediately off the dance floor. Everyone could get out if that tinderbox goes up.


You used to be able to smoke in there, duh. Hasn't burned down yet. It has had thousands and thousands of opportunities. The place is clearly and obviously up to code.