Game of Thrones Discussion Group: Episode 4 - "The Last of the Starks"



I prefer my coffee dragon-roasted, from local baristas.

The main problem I had was that the arbalasts (spear engines) were fixed on the ships and the walls, with only vertical and minor side adjustments. Dany could have easily attacked literally the entire fleet from the side and slightly to the rear and burned them all. Same goes for the castle walls (attack at night, based on torch locations, it's like landing strips, open up right as you arrive, and then disappear with all the weapons and guards burning).


I'm with Will. As the Germans so efficiently demonstrated during the London Blitz, you can bomb / dragon the hell out of a place at night with only minor interruptions from land forces. Further, see what became of Dresden later in the war.
That said, methinks someone is going to sneak in to Kings Landing and kill Cersei to save the civilians. I like the thought of Arya and the face. Well done, sir.


Accurate: every character is getting dumber. Like Season 5 of Vikings-dumb.

Prediction: Dario Nohares returns, and the Golden Company flips on Cersei.


Look, we all immediately thought of a million ways the dragons could have easily torched that fleet, we all know that the fleet being hidden from above in basically open waters is hilariously impossible, and that the dragon being killed was 100% to build fake tension in what was basically the cinematic equivalent of a heel reversing out of the face's signature move in a WWF match.

Honestly, we know the writing fell off a cliff after the book potions ended, we are all just basically here to see how it ends at this point.

@2: Funny part is that Daenerys knows how to take walled cities with ground forces. She did it in Essos with the Unsullied about three times. Or, just use the siege engines and knock out the Scorpions conventionally and bring in the dragon. Alternately, use archers and fire to take out the Scorpion crews, they can't fire automatically. Easy peasy.

Of course, just blocking the roads and leaving the city to starve and turn on Cersei (who has no allies or anywhere else to go) is the best and most sensible option, which means it will never happen.


My friends are compelling me to watch this shit and I'm doing everything I can to not complain or make fun of it while we're watching. Stop making tv more than a few seasons long. End it gracefully instead of building up to something impossible to deliver. It's embarrassing what people accept when you know you just want to shut this shit off but you're glued to it justifying your loyalty with a notion of sunk cost fallacy.


That episode started so nice and ended in such a confusing pile of mess.

The whole funeral pyre scene and drinking hall scenes were great and emotional and fun.

Everything after though...

Bronn/Tyrion/Jaime scene... ugh, that was maybe the dumbest, most awkwardly shoe-horned-in scene in the entire series.

How does no one, not even a chick flying a dragon, notice a huge fleet of ships until they're within firing range?

Do those boats have scorpions mounted in the back? If not, just fucking fly behind them and torch every one safely. They're not gonna hit anything if they've gotta shoot through their sails.

Tyrion's speech to Cersei made no sense. All her kids are dead, she literally has no more fucks to give. And wouldn't Euron be a little suspicious of Tyrion knowing she was preggers when Euron only found out 10 minutes before? Oh wait, I forgot, Euron's a moron.

Tyrion and Varys talking to each other reminded me of good times past... unfortunately, this episode's conversation was pointless and kind of stupid.

Ugh... I do not have great feelings about the remainder of this series.


Also, Cersei has ovarian cancer, is my guess, and the state of medicine is so bad nobody knows. This is pure speculation on my part.


Thermonuclear take:

Everyone is going to die Shakespeare style and nobody gets the Iron Throne.

The end.


Ok - I need to watch it again but so many plot logic flaws. Reminded me of last mid-seasons frustrations. Just some questions:
Why is it so easy to kill a dragon - and from a ship??
How did they know Missandei was captured and not just lost at sea?
Why doesn’t Jon just propose and they can rule together?
Why did Jaime go back to Cersei - to protect her or to kill her? The latter makes more sense.
Why the hell get rid of Ghost before a big battle???
Why wouldn’t Cersei have filled Tyrion with arrows?? And the rest with the scorpion thing? Or at least tried.
Sansa and Arya’s arcs made more sense but I wanted to see their reaction to Jons news. That was frustrating. And no new info on where Bran went to. So he essentially was just bait and watching for his own edification?

Oi. It was fun in the moment tho. Even if we couldn’t get the Chromecast to work. Hoping the finales pay off. 🐉


Not sure how... but neither Cersei nor Dany get outa this alive. Jon gets stuck with the throne. Melts it down and ushers in a representative form of government. Varys gets “elected”.


So let me get this straight...Euron manages to take down Rhaegal easily, while every.single.arrow aimed at Dany and Drogon misses? Ok, yeah. And as others have suggested, Dany could have flown to the side/behind Euron's fleet and took them out rather easily.

Cersei should have taken them all out right then and there during that stand off at the gates. Drogon was on the ground and not even flying. Doesn't make any sense to waste a golden opportunity like that. Poorly written episode, one of the weakest of the series.

Prediction: Daario Naharis returns WITH his Second Sons and ALSO with support from Dorne.

Also, Erik, the "really big crossbow thingies" are called scorpions, and the upcoming war is not the Great War (that happened against the Night King).