Slog PM: Seattle Giraffe Needs Special Shoes, Trump Tax Filings Show He Sucks at Business, A School Shooting in Colorado



Terrible of SF to ban cashless stores. Government has no business doing that. Typical leftist social justice dogma: because some don't have cards - everyone else has to be inconvenienced.


@1 People paying with cards is the biggest inconvenience. Paying with cash is faster for everyone. Move that queue along.

RE: Trumps Taxes. Before you jump down his throat at what a terrible business man he is, I suspect it's more likely simple tax fraud. Ya know, exaggerating losses to get out of paying taxes.


@2- nah. Most small amount card transactions are pretty easy anymore, whereas cash? ... not so much.
Apparently counting change backwards is not a skill easily mastered by millennials.
And even a Luddite like myself can see how slick 'scan-the-phone' works.
Let cash in retail fade away if that is where the market is going.


If someone can pay in legal tender, why should they be banned from the store?
The people paying cash don't inconvenience me, it's the folks who have a card and can't remember the PIN (or the card machine malfunctions) who are more likely to be an inconvenience.



I'm sure I could figure out 'scan the phone' if forced to do so, but I've stubbornly resisted, in large part because I've no desire to fork over any more personal info than necessary to our google/apple and banking overlords. And you call yourself a Luddite.... Team filthy ass, bacteria infested cash!


I know it's infrequent, but those electronic cards
surely Suck when the power goes out.

"... he [our baby giraffe] still doesn't have a name!"

I disagree. He's J.P. Patches (Jr) Esq. if anyone is.
Why, just look at him.

@5 -- you left out the Cocaine.


@5- well I hear ya... insofar as I am still employed it is in firewood, gravel and material hauling and cash is still king. Plus I know a lot of tradesmen who will only work for cash, for obvious reasons. So I am sensitive to letting folks get paid in the manner they want.


The JP stands for Julius Pierpont.
Dignified yet absurd.
With about a 3' long
prehensile tongue.


"Data shows that Americans paid 92 percent more for insulin than people in other countries." That's cuz Corps declared us consumers when they took away our Citizenship -- all quite Legally, I am asssured.

Remember -- Corps are peeps, too.


Trump in the red year after year...

"And to answer your question, pal, why am I here? I came here because Mitch and Murray asked me to, they asked for a favor. I said, the real favor, follow my advice and fire your fuckin' ass because a loser is a loser."

Trump is a loser. Fire his fuckin ass. Coffee's for closers.


It says right on the bill: “Legal tender for ALL debts, public AND private” (emphasis added).


Trump's monumental financial losses expose his flim-flam phoniness and pathetic incompetence, to be sure. But they raise the fundamental question: if his losses totaled over 1.1 billion and he lost over 250 million dollars in each of two consecutive years, then how was he able to keep his enterprises afloat? Any guesses? Think organized crime and reactionary religionists, and how they use Trump as a bought symbol of "success" and "patriotism, and you couldn't be far from the truth. Three cheers to these brave NYT reporters who followed through on this story. Keep going!! Dig, dig, dig until the whole truth about the gangster-in-chief is known. Pulitzer Prizes to these journalists! Hooray for a free press and our First Amendment! THAT's patriotism, Mr. Trump.


Since it says that on American currency I guess that's proof that @1 doesn't believe in America.


"It says right on the bill: “Legal tender for ALL debts, public AND private” (emphasis added)."

Doesn't mean you can legally force a business or person to accept cash. Expect this to get struck down in court.


@ 14
Why are you so anti everything that might benefit the working man? So pro business man. Does capitalism's dick up your ass make you come that hard?


We already knew Trump lost money in the 80's and 90's...fuck he even wrote a book about it. How was any of that breaking news?


The story of Mr. Olden is one of the downsides of the unregulated sex industry


@15 I’m pro-freedom.

I’ve never met a working man without a credit or debit card.


@18 Right, some people have their choice of stores restricted because these stores don't take cash and you dare call it freedom. Or is it that forcing people to use a credit card is freedom too?That's quite twisted; I think what you really believe is in fact freedumb.


@18 You don't meet too many people then, do you?


It's not either/or. There will always be cash stores. There will always be that need, even for folks who like to grab something from Amazon Go and not deal with the time involved for point-of-sale transactions. After work they'll be shopping at Safeway.

Options. It's what America is all about.


We are actually witnessing some of the best freedumbery ever these days. I mean, big oil telling their scientists to bury the facts on climate change and fossil fuels and starting a propaganda campaign of lies 30 years ago because the opposite doesn't suit their business model and investments is freedumb at its best. According to moron @18 nobody in government should be able to tell them what to do with their money and their data because doing so is not FREEDOM since it is regulating their ability to pillage the environment.


Now that San Francisco has banned cashless stores, the final and largest obstacle to working class and poor people living and thriving within the city has finally been removed.


@19: You can't use cash anymore to buy beverages/food on planes - cards only.

We never heard about how un-American that was, restricting their choices, disenfranchising the hard working man, hungry, on a long flight with only two packs of pretzels and just water to drink. There's a story there. Heart wrenching, isn't it?


I like using cash when I go out; it makes for an easy barrier to overspending. I drink considerably less, and considerably cheaper booze, when I know I have exactly $40 and not a penny more to spend than when I hand the bartender my card.

I don't know that I support a ban on cash only stores, but cash going away entirely would greatly reduce my quality of life.


"There will always be cash stores"

like there are still payphones? or are you thinking of the pot store?


@24 So, you essentially provided a rebuttal of your "there will always be cash stores" @21

To be sure water and pretzels sound a lot better than crap food and fizzy sugar water/cheap wine.


@27: I suggest staying away from the Chardonnays. Reds are not that great. But the Pino Grigio and drier whites are quite palatable.



How are people paying with cards in any way, shape or form inconvenienced by this policy? They can STILL use plastic at the check-out, but the establishment must also accept cash - you know, those little paper and metal things we collectively define (and others have pointed out) as "legal tender for all debts public and private"?


What part of "legal tender, which is defined as: coins or banknotes that must be accepted if offered in payment of a debt" is unclear to you?


It may not be apparent from the way the battle lines are drawn but I am not necessarily for a blanket ban on cashless store since we don't really have to worry about the specialty caviar and foie gras shop further discriminating against the economic disenfranchised. I am just for a ban on stupidity like characterizing business decisions based on the bottom line as freedom in an attempt to shut up all oppositions to free market fundamentalism.


@29: Inconvenienced by not having Amazon Go and other stores where time-consuming point of sale transactions are eliminated. These stores are niche as there will always be a demand for cash transactions.

There are restaurants in Seattle that only take plastic. Never heard any furor over that.


@31 your spending one minute less at the store doesn't justify discriminating against people without credit rating. Your denying that it could be a significant trend is just not credible.


@30 Exactly. Also, it's funny to me the people who are so obsessed with freedom from government but they don't give two shits about the multiple corporations tracking their every purchase when they use a card.
Free me from this oppressive government oh benevolent bankers!



That, in common parlance, is called a "White People Problem", and when combined with your "well, I've never heard that this is a problem, so it must not be one" position is the epitome of privilege. It just means you live in a bubble and haven't taken the time or expended the effort to actually look into the issue (like doing a quick Google search for articles like this:


@34: You must be desperate to weave in "white people problem" when Amazon Go, as an example, customers reflect all pigmentations. I think you meant to use the 'first world problem' talking point.

Nevertheless, thanks for the link about such frenzy of the restaurants. Good to know that no technological advancement escapes victimhood pouting.



Funny, you should mention Amazon Go - which just started accepting cash for payments:

Also, some 9,000,000 households in this country do not possess credit card accounts - so, if that's what constitutes "victimhood pouting" in your worldview, perhaps you should consider getting out of your tiny suburban WASP bubble and look to expand your perspective.


"Options. It's what America is all about."

Then you should be pleased that the government is making sure that the option of cash or card is available, Raindrop dear.


@37: But the business owner has fewer options for how to run the business.