Lynch: A History Is More Than Just a Portrait of a Former Seahawks Superstar



Who writes your captions? This one makes no sense.




He played with such Joy (doing fucking flips into the End Zone ffs)(when applicable), and silently tole the PressCorps to piss off (unless they wanted to talk about his Foundation*), both of which are welcome and much too rare.

Oh yeah, and running THRU players.
He Loved that too.

Lynch: A History -- that movie I'll buy.

*contrast Marshawn's to Trumpfy's:

"Trump Foundation Will Dissolve, Accused of ‘Shocking Pattern of Illegality,’" by Shane Goldmacher
Dec. 18, 2018.

The foundation was accused by the attorney general, Barbara Underwood, of 'functioning as little more than a checkbook to serve Mr. Trump’s business and political interests,' and of engaging in 'a shocking pattern of illegality' that included unlawfully coordinating with Mr. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign."


Yes, the trauma lingers.
And will for a long time.



Why can't we have a nice discussion of a wonderful man and absurdly talented athlete without someone barfing up their Trump-overindulgence all over the table?

Good grief, friend, either develop a tolerance or learn to stop before you order your fourth Politini-- you clearly can't handle the levels you're pouring into your face right now.



< If that MoFo must Dominate all "news" he's gonna get included in my critiques.
When you see the Ugly Troll, rbs, feel Free to kindly scroll on past.

Btw -- in your critique of mine, you appear to have overlooked Marshawn.
See how Prez does it?


i'm not going to believe that any thing with Marshawn Lynch could possibly be as dull as this movie review. Just not having it.


Speaking of the Commander-In-Chief:
and Lynchings

"Lynch: A History is not just a portrait of the most interesting and enigmatic Seahawks superstar, but is yet another reminder of how deeply the pathology of white supremacy is rooted in the history of this country and in the everyday lived experience of celebrities we think we know."