"As for why this is a turn-on, well, turn-ons are highly subjective."


Off topic -- I read an account of a woman in the UK giving head to guy while he was driving. There was collision with another car and the unthinkable happened when her jaw clenched. As much as giving head under the steering wheel is a fantasy, don't while the car is in motion.


delet this space cowboy


I'd never heard of this either, but as a mostly straight woman, I can see how it would be a turn on. I think I'm too squeamish for the process, but the result seems kinda hot- even if for temporary novelty effect.


I guess one has to wear a kilt for a few days, maybe saline balls isn’t a weekday activity.

As the source of testosterone and sperm, I would think the thrill of huge balls is the fantasy that one is magnifying their masculine and sexual power.


@1 - I read a story where that happened in Singapore, but the most cursory googling shows that it's probably just an urban legend:


@1 & 5 - it’s also a plot point in “The World According to Garp” by John Irving.


@5 - Trust me, if it’s possible for some freak accident to happen, it has happened to someone somewhere at one time or another.

Another cop I knew in the mid-late 80’s worked an incident that involved a couple wanting to use a .357 revolver in their sex play. The man used it to penetrate his wife (or girlfriend; don’t remember that detail) and as they both got more frenzied, the inevitable happened with the loaded gun.

Miraculously, she lived. If I recall correctly, they both wanted the gun to be loaded to add to the “thrill” of it. Parkland Hospital should have a record of it somewhere.

Point is people do dumb and risky things every minute of every day and sometimes those things lead to bizarre tragedies.


... and that's enough internet for me today.


Any other guys cringe and begin to go fetal at the thought of jabbing a needle into our scrotums?


Do gigantic, Puppyboy-sized balls shock people anymore?

If you want to see some things that result from a innocuous google search? try: Big Backyard


This has not aged well in the post-Tank era.


@11 - Exactly what I was thinking.

Also, I miss CL.


I feel bad that LW was so ashamed of zir interest that ze had to insist that ze was "mortified" rather than intrigued (revulsion results in things closer to hurling your phone or computer into the sun than browsing images and writing to Dan asking for more information). Come to think of it, I wonder if "mortified" when LW meant "horrified" is a telling Freudian slip - ze actually was mortified that ze WASN'T horrified.


Interesting angle JH @13. after that poor Australian boy died, it doesn’t sound very safe.


I’ll just file this under “nature weeding out the stupid” when the inevitable complications set in.


Dear Stranger staff, you used to note at the top of letters when they were re-runs. Please revert to that practice. Thank you.


@11 @14 Interesting ethical question regarding posting this - although the technique discussed here uses saline, rather than silicone (that's what Tank et al were using) but a fair argument of "gateway drug" could be discussed here. Marijuana and Heroin are different by kind; grapefruit sized nuts to cantaloupe sized nuts is more a difference of degree.


"... so long as you're inflating your sack with saline and not, say, silicone, Spackle, or packing peanuts".

One of those LOLs that was actually a LOL and not a MSIEFE (minor smile I'm exaggerating for effect).


@3 you blew my mind. I was just wondering whether any woman has ever found inflated balls a turn-on.


@beccoid /19,

Yeahhhhhh. Fair. :) I'm still not sure I could get off on the process (and sounds like the process is part of it in this kink..some dom/sub stuff or medical play). But I could see thinking it was hot or fun for the occasional novelty, just excitement for the visual. But I'm also one of those people who likes Bad Dragon toys..soooo...




@9 -- I for one cringe when I think of jamming an IV cannula (presumably this is around a 16 gauge needle -- OWWW! I hope there is some lignocaine handy) into my nutsak, but I also know of people who shoot smack, morphine, Dilaudid, C-Jam, meth &c into their nuts/nutsak. The trend reportedly began in Chicago in the late 1920s by people who could no longer find a vein to shoot up.


@22 I remember watching one of the MTV true life's back in the 90s/early 2000s about young heroin addicts. ONe dude said "I told myself i'd stop if I ever started shooting into my neck..." but there he was, shooting into his neck. I can't imagine an addiction that deep.


Peter Morrison, aka Joe Falco, told me about a guy who decided it'd be a great idea to do scrotal inflation with cooking oil.

It took three to four months for it to absorb, and he spent most of that time having to wear a custom jock strap to support it.


The human male genitalia is prone to abuse by semantics and actions alike. When we associate strength and courage with "big balls" we end up with extra salty water. In the meantime a dick is actually an asshole.


Am I the only one who interpreted “blow up” as explode when they first saw the title, rather than inflate?

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