Malcolm Gladwell, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Patti Smith, and Mary Ruefle Are Coming to Seattle



There are good ways to critique Malcolm Gladwell, but holy crap Rich, quoting Richard Posner is not one of them.

Gladwell did good work earlier in his career, when he was a science reporter on an underexposed beat, and before he started pulling down five and six figures for speaking to luncheons of car salesmen. He's been trash for a long, long time, though, going back to at least his first book (Blink was the second, iirc).


Gladwell's early work includes chestnuts like asian kids are good at math not because their parents put a primacy on mastery of this skill but because their ancestors were rice farmers.


Gladwell's early work like shilling for cigarette companies?



That's agitprop from Yasha Levine and Mark Ames, and it's been pretty thoroughly debunked.

You don't need to argue in bad faith to show Gladwell has been completely compromised by big money.


does anyone know how that crash happened? driver swerved to avoid stopped traffic and the airbag didn't deploy?