Desperate Boeing Bets on American Racism Being More Powerful Than the Fear of Flying 737 MAX 8



I knew that would wind up being it's only way out.


This week on "What Will Crash The Stock Market (And End Capitalism, This Time I Promise)" with Charles Mudede:

Charlie searches his Twitter feed for aeroplanes, and reads the results aloud on a street-corner.


While acknowledging the overt racism within the Trump administration,
the more salient point is that both crashes happened far away from the U S A mainland, and therefore disappeared from newsfeeds quickly.
But don't worry Charles, this is the good old USA, where hungry lawyers are waiting in the wings.
The discovery process will surely bring more facts to the light of day in the courtroom.


@2 How is this a comment on his premise that Boeing is trying to blame the Ethiopian pilots for the plane crash, to divert blame from the mistakes they made in their rush to get this plane to the market, without making sure that this new software would work properly and safely?

If it was the pilots' fault why did Boeing need to spend several months to fix the sơftware, after they were forced to work on a fix?



If a company has good lawyers, then they get settlements, not convictions, and they get their sealed records requests granted early and often.

And Boeing has very, very good lawyers.



It's an ongoing series, and like any ongoing series, it has episodes now and then that stray from the main story arc.

If you've missed earlier installments, well, congratulations I suppose.


It is more xenophobia than racism. Either way, though, it the same idea. "Foreigners -- especially those in backward countries, just can't handle the complicated airplanes. Don't worry, we will make it so easy that even they can fly it." This idea is contrary to all the evidence. Every last bit of research showed that the planes are fucked up. They are fucked up in an odd way, certainly -- in a way that isn't obvious to inspectors -- but they are fucked up. Reminds me a bit of the batteries that caught fire (although it that case it wasn't as easy to blame the victim).


Charles dear, calling Boeing "desperate" is like trump calling the New York Times "failing". The NYT will long outlive trump, and Boeing will long outlive you.


"At a House Aviation subcommittee hearing Wednesday, Rep. Sam G6raves, R-Mo., claimed U.S. pilots would not have crashed those planes and expressed his 'concerns about quality training standards in other countries.'”

Did Boeing even Bother to Inform those ignert Foreigners about their MAX Oopsies' MCAS System?

I don't fucking Think so.
It wouldda (it mightta!) Cost Them Money
so, why Bother?

They're just ignert Foreigners.

WE Will Rule the WORLD!

Now, let's go Bomb somebody
and get all our Pride Back.


Also, Boeing's flight simulator can't simulate the condition that crashed the planes.
"With nothing on board the simulator able to replicate this error, no pilot would ever have been trained on what to do if it did. According to Boeing, the software was incapable of reproducing the flight conditions that led to the two crashes
Apparently the wheel on the simulator is far too easy to move. In the case of the Ethiopian Airlines crash, reports show that pilots correctly attempted to use the manual trim wheel, but were still unable to maintain control due to the forces on the wheel itself."


I see the blame as more of a shot at stereotyping the education and skill level of people from developing nations and or the perceived superiority (however wrongly) of US people over all. Indonesians aren't black or direct decedents of Africans. As another poster noted it's more xenophobic and I also see some jingoism mixed in for good measure. For example if this were to have happened with Mexican pilots I'd bet the result would be the same. BA blames non US people for not being so smart. But Mexican (or Latinix) is not a race no matter if some of the members identify that way. It's an ethnicity. Your race card sauce is weak.

How can someone that babbles on against capitalism not know basic things like how the stock market works or what bank ratings are? Ratings are opinions of if a particular stock is under, at or over valued. Those ratings are not direct indicators of the value. The market determines the value of the stock. You also may want to look at how BA has been tracking over the last year. Or two. For now they are still making money. This will hurt them a bit but won't kill them.


These accounts by (presumably white) American pilots sound pretty harrowing - I'm don't think that pulling it out is an indicator of superior training and airmanship or just luck.


As usual Charles, you cherry pick your facts to meet your agenda. The Seattle Times article stated that the Ethiopian pilot had 360 hours total flight experience. That's right total time in the air. The article also stated that the flight crew was flying at a dangerously high speed when the problem occurred. If he was employed by the airline for 9 years, most of that time wasn't as a pilot.