The worlds last male white rhino and one of his caretakers
The world's last male white rhino and one of his caretakers

Ever wonder what it’s like to work as a rhino caretaker? Kifaru (which means rhinoceros in Swahili) is a doc that follows the rangers who care for the only three northern white rhinos left in the world: Sudan, his daughter Najin, and his granddaughter Fatu. They all live together in a protected reserve in Kenya. People outside the reserve are very poor, and a rhino horn is worth a lot of money. Because of poachers, the rhinos can’t live free, they must be behind fences and guarded 24/7. Kifaru is an uplifting story about people caring for animals and working for their well-being, but it’s also a sad story about how humans are driving other species into extinction. One of the caretakers asks: “How did we get to this point? Why do we fight and plunder the world until there is nothing left?”

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Kifaru screens tonight, tomorrow afternoon and Mon., June 3, at the 45th Seattle International Film Festival. Further details here. Check out The Stranger's complete SIFF guide here.