Baltimore didnt mine bitcoin and it shows.
Baltimore didn't mine bitcoin and it shows. ZEFART/GETTY IMAGES

Governor Jay Inslee is spending a whole lot of dough on salmon: It’s not all out of the goodness of his heart, either. The supreme court ruled last summer that Washington had to make a big investment in refurbishing our fish culverts, those drainage pipes underneath roads that can block salmon migration. Inslee ordered the state to spend $175 million more on salmon over the next two years, after an initial $100 million investment in salmon habitat restoration this year.

Snohomish prosecutor wants to revisit “two-gram policy:” Snohomish has long had a policy of not prosecuting drug dealers and users with less than two grams in their possession. Prosecutor Adam Cornell wants to get rid of the policy altogether, because he believes dealers and users exploit it to avoid prosecution. They’ll need to hire a whole lot more staff to take on the new caseloads, but he believes ending the two-gram policy will positively impact drug users and non-users alike. No, this doesn’t apply to weed—buy a whole pound if you want.

Apparently someone still wants bitcoin: I thought we were done with this dumb fad, but apparently some hackers still want it. Baltimore’s city government was brought to a standstill by hackers who infiltrated its system, disabled e-mail entirely, and knocked down bill paying websites. They demanded a ransom of $76,000 in bitcoin, as if the city just has a stash of bitcoin lying around depreciating in value. As of today, they still have no e-mail—and a city without e-mail is truly a godless place.

The Department of Justice is going to play nice with House Democrats after all: The DOJ has been fighting over subpoenas ever since Attorney General William Barr came into office, but now they’re being a little more forthcoming with information. House Democrats want to see the full, unredacted Mueller Report, but the DOJ is settling for a steady drip of information about the underlying evidence that went into the report. I should add that though they’re playing nice with the Intelligence Committee, they’re still giving the Judiciary Committee the metaphorical finger.

This man isn't half-assing the game:

According to my friend Ryan, UW’s basketball team is going be amazing next year: Jaden McDaniels, the number seven recruit in the entire country, has announced he’s going to University of Washington next year, and people are going insane. My friend found out via ESPN alert last night and didn’t stop grinning the rest of the night. He’s probably grinning right now. The Federal Way-born shooting forward has been compared to Kevin Durant and is expected to take the Huskies to a whole new level.

These are cumulus clouds: I think. They might be some special version of cumulus. Atmospheric science nerds, please do not hesitate to tell me if I’m wrong.

You remember that train that derailed onto I-5 in 2017? Pretty hard to forget. Well, the National Transportation Safety Board just finished their investigation into the incident, and they did not hold back. Everyone got a bit of shade thrown their way; Sound Transit, Amtrak, WSDOT, the Federal Railroad Administration. No one was safe from the NTSB’s investigatory wrath! State senator Steve O’Ban said, “I’m appalled at the incompetence and complete lack of accountability.” Political speak for “You fucked up big!”

North Korea is not down with Joe Biden: The Democratic front-runner didn't exactly endear himself to North Korea when he was vice president, leading them to call Biden a "fool of low IQ" and an "imbecile bereft of elementary quality as a human being." You have to hand it to them, that is a very eloquent burn. It's petty, but also well written. Biden said President Donald Trump cozied up to dictators like Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin, and apparently the People's Republic of North Korea was watching.

Show me your mugs: Only a few mugs today. Let's pump those numbers, people!


Jackson's mug is the queer representation we've been lacking in this bit. People, we need more LGBTQ mugs!


This mug comes from my friend Frieda who's in Malaysia! She's still repping Seattle all the way across the sea. Don't ever change, Frieda.

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Now listen here, you $#!%: This song may be silly, but it’s actually sad if you listen to the lyrics. Don’t forget to laugh though.

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A reading with short-story writer Karen Russell, a concert with Latin Grammy Award-winner Juanes, and Nia Vardalos's play Tiny Beautiful Things.