Slog AM: UW Basketball Gets a Boost, Baltimore Gets Hacked, North Korea Doesn't Like Biden



FFS, can someone at the Stranger get Tim an alarm clock? I pooped like a half hour ago, this is pretty much Slog midday news now


Good AM news Tim,
But you left off that today is both Harvey Milk's birthday (may dan white AND the prosecutor who threw the case rot in hell)

And national Maritime Day


@2: Oh gawd - I remember - the Twinkie defense. It was so infuriating.


Arguably newsworthy: AOC gives Jay Inslee's climate action plan a rave review.

".@JayInslee’s climate plan is the most serious + comprehensive one to address our crisis in the 2020 field. It meets key marks: ✅ Big enough ✅ Fast enough ✅ Economically stimulating for working people ✅ Acknowledges injustice + w/ an eye to make communities whole"