Muellers watch has finally ended. He announced his resignation Wednesday.
Mueller's watch has finally ended. He announced his resignation Wednesday. ALEX WONG / GETTY IMAGES

Seattle City Council is setting some new ground rules for public comment: Apparently tired of being yelled and pontificated at by the same cast of public commenters every few weeks, our city counselors are setting some boundaries. You can now be removed from the chambers and even barred from future comment sessions for violations like going far over your allotted time, going way off topic from the matter at hand, threatening gestures/language, sexual harassment, and a few other breaches of decorum. I haven’t yet been to one of Seattle City Council’s public comment sessions but I imagine it’s like if The Stranger’s comment section came to life, for better or for worse. Probably mostly for worse.

Ever wondered what Robert Mueller’s voice sounds like? Well you’re going to learn real soon because he’s making his first public statement about the Russia investigation today (essentially as this post is published). I think he’s got a deep, gravely voice like Batman or maybe it’s the kind of even monotone that makes you feel simultaneously bored and completely safe. Either way, he’ll likely have to address how Attorney General William Barr handled the rollout of his report, which we know Mueller was not a fan of. Mueller is the epitome of by-the-book attorney so it’s unlikely he’ll go on to trash the Department of Justice and the president, but even the most measured criticisms could have political fallout.

This week in “Things That Don’t Surprise Me:” For those keeping score at home, Mitch McConnell blocked Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court in 2016, Merrick Garland, because he said it was an election year. Recently he said, if the roles were reversed and Trump could appoint a Supreme Court justice in 2020, he would totally go ahead with confirmation hearings. I’ve now completely lost my ability to be surprised by Mitch McConnell’s depravity.

Missouri may be the first state without a single abortion clinic by end of week: Planned Parenthood operates the state’s last clinic that provides abortions, but their license to do so expires this Friday. State officials have them tied up in a wide-ranging audit the clinic says is unreasonable and designed to undermine their ability to provide care. If they can’t resolve the audit by Friday, then they lose their license and Missouri becomes the first and only state without a single clinic that provides abortions.

Boeing’s 737 Max jets won’t fly again until at least August: The aeronautics giant is scrambling to create a software fix to the self-correcting mechanism blamed in two fatal crashes—one in Indonesia and one in Ethiopia—and provide pilots more training on the new aircraft, which has significant differences from previous models. The FAA has the final say but their track record of oversight hasn’t exactly been great, with their regulators largely letting the company oversee itself. So rest easy this summer knowing that your flight will be on a much older plane.

We’ve got a volley of morning clouds and afternoon sun: That’s going to be the weather report every day for the rest of the week. Yes, I’ll still do the weather but just know it’s not really going to change.

The ferry to Bainbridge Island struck and (likely) killed a whale: At about 8:30 p.m. last night, passengers felt a lurch onboard the Wenatchee, which staff initially thought was a log collision until they looked over the side of the boat to see a bleeding whale. It came up to the surface a few times before submerging. It likely stayed there. It almost certainly wasn’t an orca because they’re too smart to get hit by a ferry and people would have recognized an orca’s iconic markings. It was most likely a gray, minke, or humpback whale. Everything humans touch turns to shit.

I’ll take “Great Fucking News” for 600: Alex Trebek’s Stage 4 cancer is almost in remission! This blurb is mostly for Nathalie, former Slog PM writer and renowned Jeopardy! fan, but you can all be happy too. The Jeopardy! star told People Magazine that he is responding well to chemotherapy and some of his tumors have shrunk by 50% or more. He’s still got several more rounds of chemo to fully make it to remission but the fact that tumors have dissipated so quickly is encouraging. Trebek credits all the love and positive energy from fans as partly the cause of his speedy recovery so keep at it!

Show me you mugs:


Kyler got this mug in Spain and the background really fits well. Overall, a very aesthetic mug picture.



In order to fully understand how cute this mug is from Wes, you need both angles. (This mug did not kill any whales last night)

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This picture of Jordan's dog belongs in a museum.

Now listen here you $#!%: I know this song reenforces the gender binary, but my god does it bang! Can someone remix this song to make it more inclusive of non-binary folks?

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: John Waters: Mr. Know-It-All (tickets are at the door so get there early!), a chance to see Odd Jelly Out: Introversion, and Jurassic Park in Concert.